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14.5 Detecting the presence of TosBox, Steem and PaCifiST

; FOR ST PROGRAMMERS - How to detect PaCifiST (0.46 or greater)
; When Vsync is called with d6=d7='Emu?' and those registers are
; altered, you can assume you're running under an emulator.

; If d6='PaCi' & d7='fiST', then it's under PaCifiST and a0 points out
; some extra hardware registers:
; 0     BYTE    major version (BCD)
; 1     BYTE    minor version (BCD)

; TosBox
; The approved method, à la PaCifiST, is to call Vsync with d6 = d7 =
; 'Emu?'($456D753F). On return, d6 will contain 'TBox' ($54426f78) and
; d7 will contain the ASCII-encoded version number.

; Steem
; modified 16/4/02 by Anthony Hayward to recognize Steem - that
; returns d6='STEe'=$53544565, d7='mEng'=$6d456e67. Since v2.4
; a0 points to extra information (read-only unless stated):
; 0     BYTE    Major version (BCD)
; 1     BYTE    Minor version (BCD)
; 2     BYTE    Slow motion flag
; 3     BYTE    Slow motion speed (%)
; 4     BYTE    Fast forward flag
; 5     BYTE    Millions of cpu cycles per second (read-write on v3+,
;               changes at next VBL)
; 6     BYTE    Debug build flag
; 7     BYTE    Snapshot loaded flag (read-write). If you set this
;               flag to 0 at the start of your program then you
;               can detect users loading snapshots.
; 8     WORD    Run speed (%) (read-write on v3+)
; 10    WORD    How fast Steem is actually managing to run
;               as a percentage. If the computer is fast enough
;               this will equal run speed most of the time. It
;               is updated every 12 VBLs and can jump around a bit.
; The following are available on Steem v2.5 and higher:
; 12    LONG    Cycle count (overflows every 8 minutes at 8Mhz)
; 16    LONG    Cycle count at start of frame (last VBL interrupt)
; 20    LONG    Cycle count at start of line (last HBL interrupt)
; 24    WORD    Signed word containing the number of the current line.
;               In low/medium res the first line after the top border
;               is 0, the last before the bottom border is 199.
; 26    BYTE    Print ST logs in user build flag (read-write). If you
;               set this flag then writing the address of a NULL-
;               terminated string to 0xffc1f0 will output it to the
;               parallel port. In the debug build the string is always
;               written to the log file.
; The following are available on Steem v3.2 and higher:
; 27    BYTE    Super video mode (read-write). This register is here
;               to allow developers to test Falcon graphics using
;               Steem. Possible values are 0 - normal ST mode,
;               1 - Falcon 256 colour (palette at $FF9800),
;               2 - Falcon true colour (16-bit).
;               Note: You can't switch to super video from ST high res
;               or if Steem is running in 256 colour mode. To check
;               for this, read the register back immediately after
;               setting it.
; 28    BYTE    Super video size (read-write) 0=320x200, 1=640x400,
;               2=320x240, 3=640x480.
; There are two write-only registers:
; 0     LONG    (Steem v3+) This register allows you to create new
;               disk images in the user's home directory. You must
;               write the address of a string in ST memory that
;               contains the disk name and a parameter list separated
;               by NULLs; the string must be double NULL-terminated.
;               The first parameter is the number of sides the disk
;               should have, the second the number of tracks and the
;               third sets the sectors per track. All parameters are
;               passed as strings. Here is an example:
;   create_disk_string:  dc.b   'New Disk Name',0,'2',0,'80',0,'11',0,0
;               That will create a 900 kb disk with the name
;               "New Disk Name.st". Once the disk is created it will
;               be inserted into drive A. Make sure you delay for half
;               a second after creating a new disk before accessing it
;               - this allows TOS to detect media change.
; 4     BYTE    (Steem v3.2+) Writing anything to this address will
;               disable the extra hardware registers. When the
;               hardware registers are available, some ST programs
;               may detect they are running on a Falcon; to stop that,
;               write to this when you no longer need the extra
;               features. Any writes to extra registers after writing
;               a byte here will cause a bus error.
; Every address up to offset 31 is reserved for future use (won't
; cause bus errors on read or write). If you want anything put in
; here let us know (steem@gmx.net).

        move.l  #'Emu?',d5
        move.l  d5,d7
        move.l  d5,d6
        move    #$25,-(a7)
        trap    #$e
        addq.l  #2,a7
        move.l  a0,regbase

        cmp.l   d5,d6
        bne.s   under_emu
        cmp.l   d5,d7
        bne.s   under_emu

        lea     no_emu(pc),a0
        bra.s   print_and_quit

        cmp.l  #'PaCi',d6
        bne.s  not_pacifist
        cmp.l  #'fiST',d7
        bne.s  not_pacifist

        pea     getversion_pacifist(pc)
        move.w  #$26,-(a7)
        trap    #$e
        addq.l  #6,a7
        lea     pacifist_emu(pc),a0
        bra.s   print_and_quit

        cmp.l   #"TBox",d6
        bne.s   not_tosbox

        move.l  #tosbver+1,d0
        and     #$fffe,d0
        move.l  d0,a0
        move.l  d7,(a0)
        lea     tosbox_emu(pc),a0
        bra.s   print_and_quit

        cmp.l   #'STEe',d6
        bne.s   not_steem
        cmp.l   #'mEng',d7
        bne.s   not_steem

        pea     getversion_steem(pc)
        move.w  #$26,-(a7)
        trap    #$e
        addq.l  #6,a7
        lea     steem_emu(pc),a0
        bra.s   print_and_quit

        lea     an_emu(pc),a0

        pea     (a0)
        move    #9,-(a7)
        trap    #1

        addq.l  #6,a7
        move    #1,-(a7)
        trap    #1

        addq.l  #2,a7
        clr.w   -(a7)
        trap    #1

        move.l  regbase(pc),a0
        move.b  (a0),d0
        add.b   d0,pacifist_majorv
        move.b  1(a0),d0
        move    d0,d1
        lsr     #4,d1
        and     #$f,d0
        and     #$f,d1
        add.b   d1,pacifist_minorv
        add.b   d0,pacifist_minorv+1

        move.l  regbase(pc),a0
        move.b  (a0),d0
        add.b   d0,steem_majorv
        move.b  1(a0),d0
        move    d0,d1
        lsr     #4,d1
        and     #$f,d0
        and     #$f,d1
        add.b   d1,steem_minorv
        add.b   d0,steem_minorv+1


regbase     dc.l    0

no_emu:          dc.b    "It seems you're running under a",13,10
                 dc.b    "mere ST.",13,10,0

an_emu:          dc.b    "It seems you're running under an",13,10
                 dc.b    "emulator.",13,10,0

steem_emu:       dc.b    "You're running under Steem v"
steem_majorv:    dc.b    "0."
steem_minorv:    dc.b    "00.",13,10,0

pacifist_emu:    dc.b    "You're running under PaCifiST v"
pacifist_majorv: dc.b    "0."
pacifist_minorv: dc.b    "00.",13,10,0

tosbox_emu:      dc.b    "You're running under TOSBOX "
tosbver          dcb.b   32,5
                 dc.b    13,10,0

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