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5.21 PowerDOS

PowerDOS is a GEMDOS extension for preemptive multitasking.

For more information, see the PowerDOS Programmer's Manual.

New modes for Pexec provide multitasking and threads support:

mode Meaning
0x10 Like mode 0, except that the parent continues to operate concurrently with the newly created child task.
0x16 Like mode 6, except that the parent continues to operate concurrently with the newly created child task.
0x17 Execute a code fragment that is within the text segment of the calling process.
0x18 Like mode 0x17, except that it allows a number of INTs to be placed on the stack of the new task.

PowerDOS adds the function Flock and the cookie _FLK conforming to the specification for GEMDOS File Sharing & Record Locking.

The following list is a synopsis of the PowerDOS routines, sorted by function numbers:

128 Puserid Get or set Group.User ID of a process
Syntax: int32_t Puserid(int16_t process_id, int16_t flag, int32_t new_group_user)
129 Ppriority Set or get the priority of given process
Syntax: int32_t Ppriority(int16_t process_id, int16_t new_priority)
130 Pgetpid Get current process' process ID
Syntax: int16_t Pgetpid()
131 Pgetppid Get current process' parent's process ID
Syntax: int32_t Pgetppid()
132 Pgetpd Return pointer to process descriptor of given process
Syntax: void *Pgetpd(int16_t process_id)
133 Pfindpid Find the process ID of a process with the given name
Syntax: int32_t Pfindpid(int8_t *process_name)
134 Pprocinf Return information about process
Syntax: int32_t Pprocinf(int16_t process_id, struct PROCINFO *buffer)
135 Pnice Change process priority using delta
Syntax: int32_t Pnice(int16_t process_id, int16_t delta)
136 Smalloc Allocate a block of system memory (top down)
Syntax: char *Smalloc(int32_t mem_size)
137 Massign Assign a block of memory owned by calling process to process of given process ID
Syntax: int32_t Massign(int16_t process_id, int8_t *mem_start)
139 Fstatus Perform various status operations on an open file
Syntax: int32_t Fstatus(int16_t handle, int16_t sub_function, ...)
140 Fsfirstidx Perform Fsfirst function with index into directory structure
Syntax: int32_t Fsfirstidx(int8_t *pathname, int16_t attributes, int16_t index)
141 Wake_parent Wake parent process of current process
Syntax: int32_t Wake_parent(int16_t code)
142 Wait Wait for child process to terminate
Syntax: int32_t Wait()
143 Sleep Sleep (block) for specified time, or indefinately
Syntax: int32_t Sleep(int32_t time)
144 Ioqueue Link to queue of processes waiting for access I/O
Syntax: int32_t Ioqueue(int16_t process_id, int32_t time)
145 Wait_dt Wait (block) until a specified date/time
Syntax: int32_t Wait_dt(uint32_t date_time)
146 Dev_create Create a new I/O device
Syntax: int32_t Dev_create(int8_t *dev_name, int8_t *fm_name, int8_t *drv_name, int8_t *path_vars, int8_t *dev_vars, int16_t share)
147 Fm_add Add a new file manager to the system
Syntax: int32_t Fm_add(int8_t *fm_name, int8_t *subroutine_tab, int8_t *fm_vars, int16_t fm_type)
148 Drv_add Add a new device driver to the system, or replace an old one
Syntax: int32_t Drv_add(int8_t *drv_name, int8_t *subroutine_tab, int8_t *drv_vars)
149 Devinfo Return device info for requested device index
Syntax: int32_t Devinfo(int16_t idx, struct dev_info *buffer)
150 Send Send a signal to a process
Syntax: int32_t Send(int16_t process_id, int32_t signal_code)
151 Sig_intercept Install signal intercept routine
Syntax: int32_t Sig_intercept(int16_t (*intercept_rtn)(int32_t, void*), int32_t *var_ptr)
152 Suspend Suspend a process
Syntax: int32_t Suspend(int16_t process_id)
153 Q_message The Message Queue
Syntax: int16_t Q_message(struct mq_params *mqparams)
154 Semaphore The Semaphore function
Syntax: int16_t Semaphore(struct s_params *sparams)
155 Mem_share Shared memory
Syntax: int16_t Mem_share(struct ms_params *msparams)
158 Chgvector Read or modify a GEMDOS, BIOS or XBIOS function vector
Syntax: int32_t Chgvector(int16_t trap_num, int16_t vector_num, int8_t *new_vector)
159 Chgsysvar Read or modify a PowerDOS internal variable
Syntax: int32_t Chgsysvar(int16_t var_num, int16_t flag, int32_t new_value)
160 Pname Read or modify the name of a process
Syntax: int32_t Pname(int16_t proc_id, int16_t get_set, int8_t *name)
161 Pvector Read or modify a process' user vector
Syntax: int32_t Pvector(int16_t proc_id, int32_t vector)
162 Pattrib Set or clear bits in a process' attribute byte
Syntax: int32_t Pattrib(int16_t proc_id, unsigned char flag, unsigned char mask)
163 Pmaxmem Set or get the maximum memory returned for Malloc(-1) for a process
Syntax: int32_t Pmaxmem(int16_t proc_id, int16_t flag, int32_t size)

See also: GEMDOS   BIOS function list   XBIOS function list   Cookie PDOS   Cookie _FLK

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