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3.7 Cookie jar

The cookie jar was introduced with TOS 1.06 and represents a generalisation of the system variables. One is dealing here with a table of individual cookies that are defined as follows:

typedef struct
    BYTE cookie_id[4];   /* Identification code */
    LONG cookie_value;   /* Value of the cookie */

To be able to work with or use cookies, one first inspects the contents of the system variables _p_cookies (0x5a0L). If one finds a NULL-pointer there, it means that no cookie jar has been installed in memory as yet. When using the MiNTLibs of GCC, one should use the functions made available there!

Any other value is a pointer to a table of pairs of 32-bit values (the so-called cookie jar) which may be used for a targeted search of the jar for given cookies.

When choosing a cookie name it is imperative to pay attention to the following points:

The end of the cookie jar is identified by a NULL-cookie (Hex: 0x00000000), whose value contains the maximum number of entries in the jar.

To place a cookie, one searches via _p_cookies for the NULL-cookie and checks whether there is still room for another entry. If that is the case, the new cookie is placed at the position of the NULL-cookie, which in turn is moved back by one position. Otherwise one has to allocate memory for a larger table, copy the old cookie jar there and adapt the system variable _p_cookies accordingly.

To delete a cookie, one first must search for it, and then copy all following cookies (including the NULL-cookie) by one position forward.

Tip: Source texts for the most important functions for working with the cookie jar can be found in the ST-Computer magazine (issues 12/1990, 01/1991).

See also: Cookie and XBRA list   BIOS   Sample code

3.7.1 Sample code

/* 'get_cookie':  Inquires the value of a cookie.
                  The parameters passed for this are the ID of the
                  cookie to be found, as well as a pointer to the
                  found value.

                  The routine returns the value FALSE if the
                  specified cookie does not exist... */

typedef struct
    LONG id;             /* Identification code */
    LONG value;          /* Value of the cookie */

WORD get_cookie( LONG cookie, void *value )
  static WORD use_ssystem = -1;
  COOKJAR *cookiejar;
  LONG    val = -1l;
  WORD    i=0;

  if( use_ssystem < 0 )
    use_ssystem = (Ssystem(S_INQUIRE, 0l, 0)==E_OK);

    if( Ssystem(S_GETCOOKIE, cookie, (LONG)&val)==E_OK )
      if( value!=NULL )
        *(LONG *)value = val;
      return TRUE;
    /* Get pointer to cookie jar */
    cookiejar = (COOKJAR *)(Setexc(0x05A0/4,(const void (*)(void))-1));
    if( cookiejar )
      for( i=0 ; cookiejar[i].id ; i++ )
        if( cookiejar[i].id==cookie )
          if( value )
            *(LONG *)value = cookiejar[i].value;
          return TRUE;

  return FALSE;

3.7.2 Cookie and XBRA list

C X Name Author Description
  x 3DMN Sven Kopacz 3D-Menu
x x 3RDB Ole Pahl Third Button
  x 60Hz Jean-Pierre Rasquon 60Hz resident
  x 8*8 Rainer Seitel Font switching for GEM-programs
  x A2sv Harald Siegmund Trapsave
  x AB40 GE-Soft 68882.PRG
  x ACCS Steffen Engel ACC.PRG
x x AFnt Hayo Schmidt AES Font loader
  x AgK0 Marcel Waldvogel AusGuck RAMdisk
x x AHVR Alexander Herzlinger, OverScan GbR VRAM
    ALHP   Alman HP DeskJet screen-dumper
x x ALIC Sven Kopacz Alice
  x ALRM Torsten Lang Driver for DIGIFON TDS3000
x x AmAN Sven Kopacz A-MAN
  x AMC1 Arnd Beißner Monitor Switchbox
  x AMC2 Arnd Beißner PC keyboard driver Software
x   AMCG Arnd Beißner AMC-GDOS
  x ANSe Borek Lupomesky ANSI emulation
x   APGM Andreas Pietsch SysGem
  x ARAe ARAnyM ARAnyM ethernet card emulation
  x ARTS Massimo Farina Screen-Artist screensaver
x x asGT Harald Siegmund, adequate systems Wacom Graphics Tablet Driver
  x ASum Holger Nassenstein, MW-electronic ASUNLENK
    AVmw   Virus warning program
  x AVOJ Oliver Joppich Oliver Joppich's Anti Virus program
  x BASH Edgar Röder Bourne Again Shell
x x BBD2 Michael Maaßen Bastel Bus Driver V2.xx
x   BCKW C. Dupuydauby BackWard
x   BGEM Thomas Much BubbleGEM
x   BGHD Thomas Much BubbleGEM Help-Daemon
  x BHdl Steffen Richter BadHandle
x   BHLP Thomas Much BubbleGEM config-cookie
x x BIGS Julian Reschke, SciLab GmbH Big Screen
  x BIOC Tiemann Björn Pirosca
    BLNK   Screen Blanker
x x BLOW Georg Acher, Michael Eberl Blowup030
x x BScn Roland Skuplik BACKSCAN
  x BSIM Marcel Waldvogel Blitter Simulator
  x BSTE Matthias Andrä BigSTE
  x BUG1 Markus Fritze Bugaboo Debugger
  x C24P Cybercube Research Limited CyRel 24Bit-Patch
x   CACH Robert Federle Cache Control
x   CALD Walter Hermann Computer Aided Loudspeaker Desgin
x   CASE Julian Reschke Casing type, Gemini
  x CatS Hayo Schmidt CatStick
x   CaTT Cybercube Research Ltd, Toronto, Canada CyRel Cattamaran
  x CB2K Claus Brod Claus Brod GEMDOS 2k-bug patch
  x CBCE Claus Brod Claus Brod Critical Error handler patch
  x CBDF Claus Brod Claus Brod Dabbel Feature
  x CBHD Claus Brod Claus Brod HD Driver
  x CBHY Claus Brod Claus Brod Hyper Format
  x CBIT Guido Sawade C'T Bus Interface Driver
x   CBTS Andre Felbrich Crazy Bits Tabletttreiber System
  x CCDA CCD Tempus Word
  x cdMC Guenther Leis CDROM.XFS
  x CDOT   Crazy-Dots graphic driver
x   ceci CENTEK Cecile disk drive driver
    CFIX   Console Fix
    CFsl   Compo FSel
x x CHAM Karsten Isakovic Chameleon
  x CHBT   Changes
x x CHN1   Changes
    CHNG   Changes
  x CHTW Dirk Haun Chatwin
x   CICN Roger Jordan C-ICON
  x CISY Ingo Ciechowski CISYSTEM
  x CJAR Volker Janzen Cookie.prg
x   CJar   JarXXX Program
  x ck01 Arnd Beissner Cookie library
x x CKBD Pascal Fellerich Composed Character Deluxe Keyboard Driver
  x CKJR Julian Reschke Create Cookie Jar Program
x x CLCK Sieghard Schäfer Mega-ST Hardware clock TSR Utilities
  x CLK1 Dieter Jankowski MEGA ST Clock Utility
    CLOK   CLOK for GMT settings (?)
x   CM16 Cybercube Research Limited CyReL's M16 versatile installation program
    CNTS David Godec, Sacha Hnatiuk, CENTEK CentScreen
  x COLO Meinolf Schneider Colos mono-colour converter
  x CPSL Patrick Dubbrow, Jürgen Heindel CapsLock display
  x CRAC Protar Protar HD Driver
x x CRIT Thomas Schröter, Fast Electronic GmbH Crypt-It
x x CSMD Cybercube Research Limited CyReL's Serial Mouse Manager
x   CT40   CT60 68040 falcon acceleration card by Rodolphe Czuba
x x CT60 Didier Mequignon CT60 68060 falcon acceleration card by Rodolphe Czuba
x   CTCH Edgar Röder Master-module catch.mmx
  x CtCp Jean-Pierre Rasquin CapsLock Display
  x CTSF Lars Erik Osterud CTS Bug Fix
x   cVDI Cybercube Research Limited CyReL's M-16-1280 VDI driver
    CWCo   Compo FSel
x   DATE   Led Panel Date
x x DATL Delirium Arts A. Freude & P. Scherer GbR TwiLight
    DAWN   Before Dawn
x x DBFX Julian Reschke Diablo Emulator patch fix for MiNT
    DCdd   Double-Click Software Data Diet
  x DCF7 Sven Kopacz DCF77
x   DCSD   Calamus screen driver
x x DECD Markus Fichtenbauer DECDriver cookie
x x DEPI Norbert Marschalleck DeskPic
x   DHST Thomas Much Document History protocol
    DIG2 Emmanuel Jaccard Digiplay
  x DJBX Roland Skuplik DeskJet-Init BIOS extension
    DKEY Brainstorm Dead Key
    DNTR   DNT RAMdisk
x   DPAT Martin Osieka Desktop Patterns
  x DPRS Wilfried Cordes Printer buffer
  x DRIV Stefan Hintz Drive Edit
  x DRRH Dietmar Rabich Wodan Keyboard Layout program
  x Dsel Sven Kopacz Dsel - System kernel for file-selector
  x DSSO David von Stetten Sokrates keyboard driver
x   DYDL Dimitri Junker DIR_LWR
  x DYJA Dimitri Junker CCONRS.PRG
  x DYJD Dimitri Junker Dosound_MPC
  x DYJT Dimitri Junker ToBig
x   DYNL Robert Federle Dynamic Link Library driver
x   DYWL Dimitri Junker WIN_LNK
x   DYwl Dimitri Junker WIN_LNK
x   F117   Speeder SST
    EBPO   EB Modeleur Universel Modeler
x x EdDI Sven & Wilfried Behne, BELA EdDI
  x EDFX Hansi Richstein, Kaktus GbR EDPBFIX.PRG
    EGON   EGON! CD-ROM Driver
  x EMNP Jiri Lamac MNP emulator
    ENV$   Desktop environment manager
x x ENVN Volker Janzen Environ.prg - sets GEM environment
x   ENVR Pascal Fellerich Environment manager
x x EPro Roger Burrows Extendos Pro CD-ROM driver
  x ETM M. Nick Entmauser (De-mouser)
x   EURO   Euro-character
x   EUSB   Ethernet USB API exported by inet4
  x EXRA Marcel Waldvogel Extra RAM Speeder Card software
    EXTD   TOS Filename Extender
x   FaKE Guido Flohr FakeMiNT
  x FALT Richard Kurz Faltoff Screen() MEGA STE bugfixer
x   FAX! Ingo Linkweiler STarFax
  x FAXR Julian F. Reschke, TKR GmbH FaxRedirector
  x FHFX Thomas Binder F030HFIX - Falcon GEMDOS handle fix
x   FIX2 Uwe Seimet FIX24 68030 -> 24 bits
x x FLTP Patrick Dubbrow FlyTop
  x FLXD Alex Esser Flexdisk
  x fMSX J. Jørgen von Bargen freeMSX emulators
x x FOse Hayo Schmidt Font-selector
    Fose   Font-selector
    FrmD   Form_do_it
x   FSEL (Standardcookie) Extended File-Selector (e.g. Selectric™,Freedom™)
x x FSER Franz Sirl Fast Serial interface routines
x   FSMC   Advanced GDOS
  x FSmp Martin Patzel File-selector
x x fVDI Johan Klockars fVDI
  x F_3D Ralf Trinler Focus 3D
  x GABI Michael Schwingen Gabrielle Serial Port Typewriter emulator
    GBel   GemBell
x   GCOM Thomas Much GEM Component Object Model
x   GDEV Edgar Röder GNU-C Device driver
  x GEHC GE-Soft Hypercache Turbo
  x GEHD GE-Soft Hard Disk driver
    GEMB   GE Soft HD driver
  x GENV Julian Reschke GEM Environment setter
  x Gfix Thomas Binder Gamefix for Falcon030
x x GI30 Andreas Bär Gandhi
  x GIGA Roland Alder Giga Box ST Driver
  x gk5"  Gerd Knops Driver for 5.25" HIGH-density third drive
  x gkCO Gerd Knops Calamus Thingy
  x GLAS Uland Täffner Free drive-space display
x x GLBL Volker Janzen GEMLABEL system extension
x x GMNI Stefan Eissing & Gereon Steffens Gemini
x   GMTC   Timezone CPX
  x GNUC Edgar Röder, Jwahar Bammi GNU-C library
x   Gnva Gribnif Software Geneva multi-tasking AES
x   GOBJ Thomas Much ObjectGEM PurePascal library
  x GOff Laurenz Prüßner Grow/Shrink-boxes off
x   GSND Richard Kurz GEM Sound
  x GSP1 Steven van Rossen GEM Spooler
    GSXB   Generic sound XBIOS
  x GULM Jwahar Bammi Gulam shell
  x HABO Julian Reschke Haboo Harddisk Cache
    hade Medusa Hades
  x HAMM Ingomar Otter & Hybrid Arts Melody Maker software
x x HBFS Harald Becker BoxKite File-Selector
  x HcP6 Michael Schwingen NEC P6 Hardcopy driver
    HDDR   HD Driver
x   HDEX Uwe Seimet HDDriver's-own interface
  x HDEY Borek Lupomesky Hard Disc Eye
x x HDJR Dieter Jankowski, J. Reschke, Hard&Soft Hushi HD interface driver
  x HDLD Jean-Pierre Rasquin 'HD-LED'
  x HDPR Roland Scholz HD Protect
x x HDRC Torsten Lang AUDIODRV
    HDST   Eickmann HD Driver
  x HDSW Oliver Scheel High Density Switcher
x x HFIX Patrick Dubbrow Handle bug-fix
  x hFRB Steffen Engel BIOS driver for Rwabs-transfers
  x HIDS Oliver Scheel High Density disk driver
  x HMDU Thomas Uhl HM2 System Memory Dump
  x HMOC Andreas Alich Hänisch Modula Object Cache
  x HMRD Thomas Uhl Hänisch Modula Run-time Debugger
  x HMRS Thomas Uhl HM2 Run-time System
  x HPHC Martin Wunderli HP Deskjet Hardcopy
  x HPLJ Robert Federle HP-Laserjet-Emulator V1.04
  x HSCD Julian Reschke MiNT CD-ROM driver
x   HSND Richard Kurz CrazySounds
  x HSnd Richard Kurz CrazySounds
    HWAM   Cookie Jar creator program
  x IBMP Lars Erik Osterud Norwegian->IBM Printer converter
x x ICFS Dirk Haun Iconify Server
x   ICST   INETCUST cookie
  x IDSK Stefan Becker Icon Desk
  x IMAC Wilfried Cordes Bootsector guardian
    IMNE   Imagine graphics card
x   INSJ Oliver Groeger Cookie Jar installer/extendor program
x   INXR Dietmar Püttmann/Dietmar Rabich Index generator
x x iPRN Peter Missel iPRN
  x IRSB Ilja Rateiczak SEGA Shuttered spectacles
  x iTMA Robert Weiss MFP Timer A interrupt handler
  x JAM1 Pascal Fellerich Butler James
x   JAM1 vhf Computer Janus Emulator
x x JB2G John McLoud Bios2Gdos
x x JCLK Petr Stehlik Clocky multi-utility
  x JCNB Jens C. Neffe JCN boot-selector
  x JCNC Jens C. Neffe JCN multi-accessory
  x JCNH Jens C. Neffe Hardcopy program
  x JCNT Jens C. Neffe Cocteau word processor
x x JFTP Jan-Hinrich Fessel SCSI driver for generic tape devices
    JINX   Jinx
  x JMLB John McLoud McBoot
x x JMLS John McLoud JML Snapshot
  x JSHD Jürgen Stessun Hyper-Density control program
  x JUST Robert Irrgang, Trillian Computer AG Justify
x   J_Sc John McLoud SECURE.PRG
x   KAOS Andreas Kromke KAOS TOS 1.4
  x KbEv Michael Seyfried MM2 Keyboard-handling module
x   KEYT Thomas Much KEYTAB
    KGTF   Tos Fix
  x KIDI Robert Irrgang RAMdisk
  x KLME Andreas Kromke CMD
  x KREG Julian F. Reschke Kill Registers
  x KyMp Eric Smith Keyboard Macro & Remapping utility
x   KyWt Manfred Lippert KeyWatch
x x Lace Ulf Ronald Andersson LaceScan
  x LACY Oliver Michalak LAZy-Shell-III
  x LALA Laurenz Prüßner Albolala BellHook sample player
  x lanc Torsten Lang MiNT-Net ethernet driver for AMD LANCE
  x LASB Klaus Garms, DMC Laserbrain
x x LAWC Robert Federle Look-Ahead Write Cache
x   LDGM Olivier Landemarre && Dominique Bereziat GEM Dynamical Libraries (LDG)
x x LEDP Christoph Zwerschke LED Panel
x x LEmu Ulf Ronald Andersson LaceScan command-keys
x   Lity Christian Krüger Liberty
  x LLCR Logilex Logilex 1st Lock
x x LMus Ulf Ronald Andersson LaceScan mouse accelerators
x x LOGB Uwe Holtkamp, Jürgen Holtkamp Logbuch (Logbook)
  x LoSe Markus Kohm SER-LOG
  x LP/2 Laurenz Prüßner Malloc/2 GEMDOS vector
  x LPCD Laurenz Prüßner Carrier Detector
  x LPJM Laurenz Prüßner Joy Mouse
x x LTMF Oliver Scheel Let 'em Fly
  x M16s Cybercube Research Limited CyRel M16-1280 graphics card
  x M16X Cybercube Research Limited CyReL M16 XBIOS emulator
x x macc Ken Badertscher, Atari Corporation Maccel 3
x   MADD Uwe Seimet ADDMEM for TT030
x   MADN Robert Federle NEX-output
  x Maes Olivier Landemarre MyAES
x   MagC Dirk Steins Magic Dials configuration program
x   MAGN Michael Schwingen MAGNUM card
x   MagX Sven&Wilfried Behne, Andreas Kromke MagiC
  x MAST Naumann&Röder Master
x   MaTC   Matrix True Colour graphics card
x   MbAr Manfred Lippert MenuBar
x x MBRD Michael Maaßen Blit_RD: Ramdisk
    MCL_   MiNT control
x   McSn   MacSound
  x MCSP F. Aschwanden Unimplemented integer instruction and floating point handler
x   MCWR   Microwire DMA sound interface
x x MDIA Helmut Neukirchen Multi-Dialog
  x MDRK Steffen Engel MegaDark
x   MDSa Bill Penner Medical Design Software's serial fix
    MFAC   Multi-accessory
  x MFFM Markus Haebler Marcus' file-selector for MiNT
  x MFIX Thomas Binder MONOFIX.PRG
x   MFMV   From Magic installed
x x MFNT Hayo Schmidt Fontloader
x x MGEM Pascal Merle MultiGEM
x   MgMc Tempelmann, Kromke, Behne, ASH MagiC Mac
x   MgMx Andreas Kromke MagiC Mac X
x   MgPC Franz Schmerbeck, Andreas Kromke MagiC PC
x   MgSn Didier Mequignon MagiC Mac Sound driver
  x MID3 Lars Erik Osterud MIDINET3
  x MIMA Oliver Scheel MIDI Manager
x x MiNT Eric Smith, Atari Corporation Mint/MultiTOS
x x MIPS Michael Maaßen SPOOL120.PRG - Printer spooler
  x MJAF Martin Jahr AUTOFONT
  x MKHC Marcus Kraft Hardcopy fix
x   MkJr Thomas Schallar Cookie Jar creator program
  x MM2X Thomas Tempelmann Megamax Modula
x x MMAC Emanuel Moecklin Magic Mouse Accelerator
  x MMUT Oliver Scheel Midi Maze ][ utility
  x MM_2 Markus Fritze Midimaze 2
  x MN3D Manfred Lippert Menus and submenus in 3D-look
x   MNAM Standardcookie Machine Name cookie
  x MOAF Martin Osieka ARROWFIX
x x MOGR Martin Osieka GEMRAM
x   MPRO Thomas Kuenneth Magic Pro Config CPX
  x MRAM Rainer Seitel More RAM
  x MSPD Lars Erik Osterud Mouse Speeder
x x MSPO Emanuel Moecklin Magic Spooler
    mstx   Mouse tricks
  X MTCI   MATRIX MatGraph - TCxx
x x MTft Markus Kohm Trapper
x x MUPF Gereon Steffens Mupfel
x   MWHL Armin Diedering MWheel
x x MZVT Michael Zuhl Driver videotext decoder from Print-Technik
  X M_IN   MATRIX MatGraph - Cxx
  x N203 Noud v. Kruysbergen Multi-accessory
x   nAES Jens Hiescher, Rainer Mannigel, Woller Systeme N.AES, the AES for MiNT
x x NAH3 Noud van Kruysbergen N_ALTHLP snapshot utility
  x NBEL Robert Irrgang SOUND.PRG
  x NBLL Volker Janzen NEWBELL.PRG
x x NCLN Oliver Scheel NiceLine
  x ne2k Torsten Lang ne2000.xif
  x NERV Laurenz Prüßner/ST-Magazin No etv_critic_alert
  x NETS PAM's Software PAM Novell Netware
x   NEXB Robert Federle NEX-Buffer
x   NEXK Robert Federle NEX-Toolkit
x   NFMT Andreas Kunz INFOMAT
    NFnt   Neodesk Font Loader
  x NKCC Harald Siegmund NKCC - Normalized Key Code Converter
    NLdr   Neodesk Loader
  x NMGE Simon Gleissner No More amc-Gdos Errors
  x NO7P Lars Erik Osterud Norwegian->7 bit printer converter
    noCF   noSystem
  x NOR5 Lars Erik Osterud Norwegian keyboard driver
    NOVA   NOVA graphics card
  x NSC1 Noud v. Kruysbergen N_Syscom accessory
x   Nspd   Nemesis
x   nTAS Steffen Engel TAS-instructions
    NTK4   NTK4 Falcon MOD player
  x nTOS Rainer Mannigel MilanBlaster
    NUL>   System startup utility
x x NVDI Sven&Wilfried Behne, BELA NewVDI
x   OBNL Stephan Junker, Dirk Haun Load-Time Linking protocol
x x OFLS Hans-Jürgen Richstein (Standardcookie) Check Open Files
x x OPMM Martin Mertens Open Helper
    OSBL   Screen Blaster
    OSTT   OverScan TT
x   OTOS   oTOSis - TOS emulator for Linux/68k
  x OV24   OverScan hardcopy driver for 24 pins
  x oVDI Odd Skancke oVDI
  x OVDJ Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR Overscan hardcopy driver for HP-DeskJet
  x OVEP Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan hardcopy driver for 9 pins
x x OVER Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR AutoSwitch OverScan hardware driver
  x OVEX Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan Exception patch
  x OVFS Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan File-Selector patch
  x OVIM Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan hardcopy driver
  x OVLS Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan DMC Laserbrain patch
  x OVRD Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan RAMDisk
  x OVUT Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan screen blanker
  x OVWI Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR OverScan Window-size patch
  x PAMN PAM's Software PAM Network Driver
  x PAUL Pascal Fellerich Paula 2, Amiga MODfile player
x x PBUG Emanuel Moecklin PeaceBug
  x PDEB Dimitri Junker PureDebuggger
  x PDeb Dimitri Junker PureDebuggger
x x PDOS Chris Latham PowerDOS
  x PDRZ Patrick Dubbrow LockGetrez
  x PFIX Julian Reschke, SciLab GmbH PTSINFIX Fix
  x Pinp Jens Schmidt Parallel input port driver
  x PKSH Pahlen & Krauß Software PKS-Shell
x   PMMU Alexander Herzlinger (Standardcookie) PMMU reprogrammed
  x POIS Bernhard Artz/Gregor Tielsch/Shift Poison!
    POWM   PowerMouse
  x PRCS Peter Rohde CopySTar
  x PRDS Peter Rohde Peter Rohde Disk Speeder
  x PRMD Markus Kohm MIDIPRT
    PRN!   WandelSZ
  x PRNß Michal Bernards/ST-Magazin WandelSZ
  x PRO5 Lars Erik Osterud Resident virus check/kill/protect program
  x PROB Markus und Michael Meurer Profibase
  x PROT Meinolf Schneider Protos screen utility
  x PRTD Robert Federle Print to Disk V1.10
  x PRTO Peter Rohde ST Tools
  x PRTR Protar Protar HD driver
  x prtr Konrad Hinsen Atari->IBM printer converter
    PSND   ProSound driver
  x PSSG Thomas Much Paint Shop hardcopy vector
x x PTOS Alexander Herzlinger ROMRAM: Copy TOS to TT-RAM
  x QIKM Gereon Steffens Quick Mouse
  x QMAC Wilfried Cordes Quick Mouse driver Accessory
  x QMCP Wilfried Cordes Chemplot Quick Mouse driver
    QST2   Quick ST 2
    QST3   Quick ST 3
  x QUAN Bernd Blank QuanTOS multi-utility
  x RAIL Otmar Birn Rail Manager
    RaSn   Rational Sounds
x x RFLX Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR AutoSwitch driver for Reflex graphics card
  x RFUS Michael Bernards Rufus terminal program
  x RGUS Daniel Hollis Argus
  x RING Julian Reschke Telephone-bell detector
  x ROMD Andreas Kromke MagiC DOS driver for the ROM module
  x ROT8 Thomas Fürhölter Rotate
  x RPIT Arpad Beszedes TIMEFIX
  x RREG Reiner Wiechert Restore Register
  x RSLT Volker Brodel, GengTEC GengTEC VGA monochrome/16-colour driver
x   RSpd Stephan Skrodzki RS_SPEED (Serial fix)
x x RSVE Harun Scheutzow RSVE patch
x   RSVF Harun Scheutzow RS232 Version Fast (HSMODEM)
  x RTKC Robert Tolksdorf Keyclick
  x RTOB Robert Tolksdorf Optobell
x x RWIN Karsten Isakovic RootWindow
    SAM   System Audio Manager
  x SBKM Stefan Brück Ring recognition in modem routines
  x SBTE Stefan Brück TerminalpProgram
  x SBTS Stefan Brück Trap Spy
  x SCAH Julian Reschke, Hard&Soft Speed Cache
x   SCPN   Screen Blaster 3 screen enhancer
  x SCRD Robert Federle Screen to Disk
  x SCRN Edgar Röder Screen scroll
  x SCRS Urs Thürmann Screen blanker
x x SCRW Uwe Seimet Screen Watch
x   SCSI   SCSI drive interface
    SCSV   Line Art Screensaver
  x SDCH Sven Kopacz 2C - Second Chance
  x SDES Markus und Michael Meurer Softdesk
  x SDsk Gerhard Hölscher Softdisk
  x SDWN Marcel Waldvogel ScreenDown
  x SELC Michael Haydn C-Lab file-selector
  x SENV Andreas Groß Set Environment
x x SFA^ Sevo Stille Fontloader system
  x SFIX Allan Pratt, Atari Corporation Serial port fix
    SFMN   SafeMenu
  x ShLk Jean-Pierre Rasquin Shift Lock
  x shlp Jörg Westheide shelhelp
x x SKEY Ole Pahl SpecialKeys
  x SLCT Stefan Radermacher & Oliver Scheel Selectric™ enhanced file-selector
x x SLif Michael Schwingen SoundLifter
x   SLIP Sven Kopacz Socket library
x x SM00 STAGE Microsystems SOTA Printer Spooler
x x SM01 STAGE Microsystems ReProK office management DUO
x x SM02 STAGE Microsystems ReProK International EM-NET II
x   SMAL M. Nick, H. Schmidt (Standardcookie) Small AES icon fonts
  x SMAU Marcel Waldvogel Set-Maus accessory
  x SMon Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR SysMon
x x SMTT Karsten Isakovic, OverScan GbR SM-124 emulator
  x SNAP Konrad Hinsen That's Snap accessory
  x SOFS Markus und Michael Meurer Softscreen
  x SOSW Markus und Michael Meurer Softswitch
x x SpcE Christian Grunenberg Space
  x SPCK Robert Irrgang RAMdisk for SPC Modula
  x SPEE Stefan Hintz Mouse Speeder
  x SPEK Stefan Hintz, Wilhelm Elektronik Spektrum graphics cards
x x SPEX Stefan Eissing, SciLab Gmbh Steve's Printing Exzessory
x x spMR Martin Rogge Printer- and file-spooler
x x Spol Andreas Mandel Flexible printer spooler
  x SPRG Bernd Blank   STARTER.ACC
x   SR17   Speeder SST Cockpit
    SSND   Petra
  x ST-C Matthias Andrä Cache program
  x ST17 Daniel Hollis ST-68017
  x STAT Laurenz Prüßner StaTOS
x   STEM Thomas Göttsch STEmulator
x x STEW John McLoud Stewart
    STFA   Sound driver for Atari
x   StIc John McLoud Stewart Icon-server
    STiK   ST Internet Kit
  x STMS Martin Backschat & Peter Melzer ST Magazin Screendump
x   strk   StarTrack XBIOS extension
x   STRX Martin Sperber SAT-Trax antenna driver
x   SupV   SuperVidel driver
x   SVAR Brad Pickering Shows MacMiNT
    SVGA   Super VGA emulator
x x SWAP Uwe Seimet, Maxon Computer Outside
x x SwTm Matthias Wallmann Show Time clock
x x SYMB Robert Federle Symbol driver
    SYNL   Dynamic Link Library driver
  x SYNT Marcel Waldvogel Syntex
  x SysE Martin Dürrschnabel System Editor
  x Syso Hecker + Knobbe Computersysteme GbR ST Sysop
  x SYST Sven Kopacz Systime
  x SZ_M Nickel Szebrowski Dynamic Mouse speeder
x   S_DR Peter Hilbring CD-ROM SCSI driver
  x T206 Harun Scheutzow PATCHX06.PRG
x   T2GM Thomas Binder TOS2GEM
x   TALK Gadgets MegaTalk
    TAPE   TapeBIOS
  x TASS Markus Fritze Turbo Assembler
  x TCFS Borland München Turbo C File-Selector
x x TCRB Ralf Biedermann Turbo Cache
  x Tenv Markus Bank Environment set program for Terminal
  x TFIX Karsten Isakovic, Atari Corporation TOS 1.04 fix
x x THNX Dirk Haun Thinx
x x THRM Ole Pahl Temperature-data evaluation
  x THST Jiri Lamac TurboHST
  x TIM3 Lars Erik Osterud Time driver
  x TIM5 Lars Erik Osterud Time driver plus Screen Blanker
x   TIME   Led Panel Time
x x TK40   MC68040 ToolKit
  x TL3D Torsten Lang Third floppy
  x TLWV Torsten Lang STGAWVBL
x x Tmon Thomas Tempelmann & Johannes Hill TempleMon
    TMON Thomas Tempelmann & Johannes Hill TempleMon
x   tmsW TMS TMS Wacom-Treiber
  x TOpW Laurenz Prüßner Top Manager Watcher
  x TOUC Steffen Engel Touch
  x TPat Laurenz Prüßner TOS Patch
  x TPGM Jörg Westheide TraPatch
  x TRAK Julian F. Reschke Track Speed
x x TraP Jörg Westheide TraPatch
  x Trpp Manfred Lippert Trapper
  x TRUE Christoph Zwerschke TrueDisk
  x TSEN Jürgen Kriege TSE Net
x x TSWP Matthias Becker TonySoft Write Protection
x   TTTF Marcel Waldvogel Thirty Two to Twenty Four
x   TUBS Andreas Alich TUBS - The Ultimate Boot Selector
  x TWFS Konrad Hinsen That's Write File-Selector Accessory
x x Typ1 Frank Knobbe Daisywheel accessory
x   UFSL Michael Thänitz Extended Universal Font Selector
    UIS3   Universal Item Selector 3
  x UKB1 Uwe Koloska Fastload
  x UKB3 Uwe Koloska Fastload plus MIDI Through
  x UN*X Michael Schwingen Unixname (/->\ converter)
  x USCK Uwe Seimet CHECKIT
x x USHD Uwe Seimet Diskus HD driver
x   UsNm Carsten Tolkmit User-Name cookie
x   USPK Uwe Seimet Hard Disk Auto-Parker
x x USRS Uwe Seimet ROMSPEED
x   USSC Uwe Seimet SCSI Driver for Hatari and ARAnyM
    UTRK   Ultimate Tracker
  x VBLF Thomas Binder VBLFIX.PRG
x x VDIp   VDI performance logger
x   VDLY   Videlity
  x VECS Stephan Gerle Vecshow
    VeiL   Turbo Veille
x x VFIX Karsten Isakovic VDIFix
x x VFNT Harald Sommerfeldt VdiFont
x x VGAS Christoph Zwerschke VGA Simulator
x   VI-2 Francois Galea Videl Inside
    View   View protocol
  x VIRA Carsten Frischkorn, Galactic Virus Alarm
x   VMEM Robert Federle Virtual Memory
  x VPCH Robert Irrgang VDIPATCH.PRG
x   VRAM Alexander Herzlinger, OverScan GbR Virtual memory management for the TT030
  x VREP Carsten Frischkorn, Galactic Vector Guard
  x VSco Arnfried Griesert Virus Scope
x   VSCR Julian F. Reschke (Standardcookie) Structure of Virtual Screens
  x VSTM Focke Frentzen MIDI Transfer
  x vT52 Cybercube Research Limited CyRel VT52 emulator
  x VTFX Thomas Binder VT52FIX.PRG
  x VXCK Martin H. Smith VoxClock
x   WaHW Walter Hermann HIGH_WAY
    WARP   Warp 9
x   WaSA Walter Hermann SATELLIT
    WBrd   Bird's Wing
  x wdlg Behne & Behne GbR Window-dialog library (wdialog)
x x WDOG Robert Federle Watchdog
x x WEGA Dietmar Rabich WEGA libraries
x   WfNa Manfred Lippert Inquiry of window title via wind_get(WF_NAME)
x x WFSL Gert Kramer Window File-Selector
x x WICO Sven Kopacz WinCom
  x WinK Jörg Westheide WinKeys
x   WINX Martin Osieka WINX
  x WINZ Claus Brod Luftschloß/Winz RAMdisk
x x WPRO Christoph Conrad Write Protect
  x WRAP Richard Kurz WrapMouse
x   WrAp Richard Kurz WrapMouse
x   XALT   AlberTT GFX card driver
  x XBTN Tassilo Nitz Mouse routine in 'XBOOT'
x x XDsk Thomas Schallar X-DISK RAMdisk
    XFRB   Extended Fast-RAM Buffer
x x XFS1 Edgar Röder Master-module for extended TOS file-system
x   xFSL Dirk Haun, Stefan Rogel Extended Font Selector
x   Xgem Eric Reboux Windframe Xgem
x   XHDI Diverse (Standardcookie) XHDI driver
  x XKBD Alex Esser Extended Keyboard
    XMMU   TK40's interface for PMMU setting
    XMuz   Ultra Player
  x xNet Daniel Roedding xNet-ST
    XPCI   XBIOS functions for PCI-BIOS
x x xRmt Markus Gutschke XREMOTE
x   XSDD Stephan Baucke Extended Serial Device Driver
    XSND Thomas Huth Digi-Sound
x   XSSI   Extended Screen Saver Information
x   XTOS Loïc Sébald Extend TOS
x   xUAG   MegaVision300
    xUFC   Extended Universal Font Selector configuration program
  x XWin Konrad Hinsen Extended Windows module
    zCAC   680x0 Cache Control CPX
x x zDCF Ralf Zimmermann DCF-time receiver
  x _5MS Vincent Rivière Pointer to 200 Hz system timer interrupt vector
    _AFM   Audio Fun Machine
x   _AKP Atari Corporation Keyboard/Language configuration
x   _CF_ Didier Mequignon ColdFire CPU
x   _CPU Atari Corporation Central Processor Unit type
  x _DOS Atari Corporation GEMDOS entry-point (in GEMDOS 0.30)
x   _FDC Atari Corporation (Standardcookie) Disk drive type
x   _FLK Atari Corporation (Standardcookie) File Locking extension
x   _FPU Atari Corporation Floating Point Unit type
    _FRB   Fast-RAM Buffer
  x _FSR Atari Corporation Patch program for Serial port (TOS 4.00->4.04)
x   _IDT Atari Corporation International Date/Time format
x   _INF Atari Corporation STEFIX Program
x   _INU Martin Osieka Format for numbers
x   _ISO   specifies the real keyboard/font nationality
    _JPD   Falcon030 JPEG Decoder by Brainstorm
x   _MCF   ColdFire features
x   _MCH Atari Corporation Machine type
  x _MET Atari Corporation MetaDOS
x   _MIL Michael Schwingen Milan computer
x   _NET Atari Corporation GEMDOS Network support
x x _OOL Allan Pratt, Atari Corporation Pool Fix
x   _PCI Markus Fichtenbauer PCI-BIOS
    _PKT   Packet driver cookie
    _PWR   Power management unit
x   _SLM Atari Corporation SLM driver
x   _SND Atari Corporation Sound hardware
x   _SWI Atari Corporation Configuration Switches
x   _T2W   TOS2WIN emulator
x   _T30 Andreas Kromke KAOS TOS
x   _USB   USB core API driver
x   _VDI Michael Schwingen Milan VDI
x   _VDO Atari Corporation Video hardware
x   __NF   Native features proposal
    ΣFSC   Falcon Screen Cookie, 3DMN


Sets the 3D flags for all menu bars.

Modifies vectors 45 (BIOS) and 34 (AES). Cookie, 3RDB

Third Button

Driver for 3-button mouse on the TT mouse port (on other computers with a small modification), such as the GI-6000, for instance.

Hooks into the joyvec.

Status: Freeware Cookie, 60Hz

60Hz resident

Switches 200 times per second to 60Hz. (Various games will then run at 60 Hz on a 50Hz computer).

Status: Freeware.

Redirects the 200Hz system clock. Cookie, 8*8

Change font for GEM program Cookie, A2sv


Ensures that the four trap-handlers do not change any CPU registers (except the return register D0).

Copyright status: Public Domain. TRAPSAVE.LZH.

Vectors modified: GEMDOS-trap, GEM-trap, BIOS-trap, XBIOS-trap. Cookie, AB40

The AfterBurner 040 FPU-Emulation is installed.

Vectors modified: Line-F ($2c), Branch or Set on Unordered Condition ($c0), Inexact Result ($c4), Divide by Zero ($c8), Underflow ($cc), Operand Error ($d0), Overflow ($d4), Signaling NAN ($d8), Unimplemented data type ($dc) Cookie, ACCS


Accessories are loaded from the folder \ACCS.

Modifies GEMDOS (Fsfirst('\*.ACC')) twice, then unhooks. Cookie, AFnt

AES Font Loader

AUTO-folder TSR. Loads new IBM and SMALL fonts for the AES and adapts the rsrc routines of the AES. Cookie contains a pointer that permits access to the data structure.

Modifies TRAP #1, #2 (AES/VDI) and #13.

Status: Freeware up to v0.9. Cookie, AgK0

AusGuck RAMdisk Cookie, AHVR


Virtual memory management for the TT030.

Modifies hdv_rw, hdv_bpb, buserror, ikbdsys... Cookie, ALHP

Alman HP DeskJet screen dumper Cookie, ALIC


Makes all applications iconify-capable. An operating system capable of iconification is a prerequisite.

Modifies vectors 45 (BIOS) and 34 (AES). Cookie, ALRM

Driver software for controling the DIGIFON TDS3000 receiving station. Contains it own RS232 routines as well as a task-switcher, which also operates in SV-mode. Cookie, AmAN


Modifies vector 45 (BIOS) and 34 (AES) and can return the MENU_ID of the installed desk accessories as well as supplementary window information under all operating systems. Cookie, AMC1

Software for monitor switch-box from Hard&Soft. Cookie, AMC2

Driver software for PC keyboard interface from Hard&Soft. Cookie, AMCG

AMC-GDOS ist ein GDOS, welches im Wesentlichen den gleichen Funktionsumfang wie das Atari-GDOS hat und wurde zusammen mit diesem vertrieben. Cookie, ANSe

ANSI emulation

Modifies Bconout vector. Cookie, APGM

SysGem (add-on to SysInfo)

Displays data for the computer it is running on.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, ARAe


Atari part of the MiNTNet netword card emulation for ARAnyM. Hooks auto-vector interrupt #3. Cookie, ARTS


'TT-Artist' screensaver resident part, by Cybercube Research & Massimo Farina. Cookie, asGT

Wacom Graphics Tablet Driver - (As cookie-ID for all graphics tablet drivers that correspond to the ASGARD standard).

Driver with mouse emulation and mouse status buffering for Wacom graphics tablets of the UD series (Wacom II-S and Wacom IV emulation).

Copyright status: Commercial ware.

Source: as - adequate systems GmbH.

Modifies vectors: 200 Hz system clock ($114), XBIOS-trap, KBDVBASE.mousevec. Cookie, ASum


Redirects screen output of AUTO-folder programs to the printer.

Modifies TRAP #1 and #13. Cookie, AVmw

Virus Warning Program Cookie, AVOJ

Anti-Virus-Programm Cookie, BASH

Bourne-Again Shell of the FSF

Redirected: shell_p. Cookie, BBD2

Bastel Bus Driver V2.xx

Allows access to a measuring- and control-bus via the BIOS.

Modifies: prv_lst, prv_lsto, xconstat0, xconin0, xcostat0, xconout0, TRAP #13 (BIOS). Cookie, BCKW


The ST emulator for the FALCON030. Cookie, BGEM

This is created as from Native BubbleGEM 05 in addition to the cookie BHLP, and points to a structure with version specifications etc.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, BGHD

Contains configuration flags for the BubbleGEM Help-Daemon.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, BHdl

BadHandle 1/92

Remedies the "invalid handle" error in various programs in connection with GDOS.

Redirected: TRAP #2 (VDI/AES). Cookie, BHLP

Configuration flags for BubbleGEM are contained in this cookie.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, BIGS

BigScreen 2

This is the new BigScreen for ST, STe and TT.

Modifies TRAP #2, XBIOS and VBlank. Cookie, BIOC


Resident printer spooler with hardcopy utility. Cookie, BLNK

Screenblanker Cookie, BLOW

Blowup030 Cookie, BScn

BACKSCAN - ST-Low-Screen-Copy

BACKSCAN installiert sich in diversen Systemvektoren uns setzt einen Cookie.

Der Cookie 'BScn' enthält als Wert einen Zeiger auf folgende Struktur:

Offset    Size      Inhalt
 +0       int8_t    Versionsnummer (current: 2)
 +1       int8_t    Releasenummer  (current: 3)
 +2       int8_t    Backscan-Switch; =0 Routine aktiv, !=0 disabled
 +3       int8_t    Reserviert, NICHT VERÄNDERN!!!
 +4       int16_t   Anzahl der Zeilen pro 5ms, Obergrenzwert aus dem ACC
                    nicht überschreiten! max. 200, aber wohl nur auf einem
 +6       int32_t   Adresse einer Testroutine, die einen relativen
                    Testwert in D0.l zurückliefert; der Wert gibt an,
                    wieviel 'Zeit' der CPU zwischen zwei Kopiervorgängen
                    verbleibt. ACHTUNG! Der Wert schwankt Cookie, BSIM


A "BLiTTER Simulator". It simply reports after a Blitmode inquiry that a blitter is installed and active.

Hooks into TRAP #14. Cookie, BSTE


From the magazin ST-Computer 1/1992 Cookie, BUG1

Bugaboo - debugger Cookie, C24P

XBRA-ID of the CyReL 24-bit patch program

This program modifies the XBIOS vector and converts the TrueColor pixel formats aRGB to RGBa. Cookie, CACH

Cache Control

AUTO-folder TSR. The cookie points to a table with functions for managing the CPU caches, starting from the 68020 up to the 68060.

Cache Control is Freeware. Cookie, CALD

This is used at run-time by HIGH_END (Computer Aided Loudspeaker Design from Version 4.5 onwards) to, among other things, exchange messages with modules.

The program is Shareware. Cookie, CASE

Casing type (Gemini)

This cookie determines which housing shape Gemini displays in the welcome dialog at startup:

0: 520
1: 1040, Falcon
2: Mega ST
3: Stacy
4: TT, MegaSTE
5: ST-Book
6: Tower

Other values are reserved

The cookie is set by CASETOWR, which is included in the Gemini distribution. Cookie, CatS

CatStick - Desk accessory

Incorporates a joystick as an input medium for the 'Maustausch' front-end 'CAT'.

While CAT is running the IKBD vectors mousevec and joyvec are modified.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, CaTT

CyReL Dashboard, CyReL CaTTamaran GIOS

Cookie of the CyReL CaTTamaran TT030 accelerator module. Points to the entry address of the CyReL CaTTamaran GIOS (General I/O System, see CyReL CaTTamaran Developer's Documentation).

Cybercube Research Limited, 126 Grenadier Crescent, Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 7V7, Canada. Cookie, CB2K

Patch for remedying the 2kB Gemdos bug Cookie, CBCE

Modified Critical Error handler Cookie, CBDF

Dabbel Feature

Redirection of drive accesses. Cookie, CBHD

Hard disk driver Cookie, CBHY

Keyboard driver in 'Hyperformat' Cookie, CBIT

"c't bus" interface driver Cookie, CBTS

Crazy Bits Tabletttreiber System

typedef struct
  int16_t x;
  int16_t y;
  int16_t t;
  int16_t pressue;
  int16_t winkel;
  int16_t res1;
  int32_t res2;
  int16_t mac;
  int16_t mac_w;
x X-Koordinate des Siftes/Lupe im CBTS-Screen absolut (0=linker Rand; 2^15-1=rechter Rand; -1=alle Daten bis res1 ungültig, Medium außerhalb der CBTS-Fläche)
y Y-Koordinate des Siftes/Lupe im CBTS-Screen absolut (0=oberer Rand; 2^15-1=unterer Rand)
t Tastenstatus: 0=Keine Taste 1=Links 2=Rechts 3=Beide
pressue Andruck: 0 (min) - 63 (max); -1=Daten ungültig
winkel Winkel des Stiftes 0 (senkrecht) - 90 (waagerecht); -1=Daten ungültig
res1 Reserviert (muß 0 sein)
res2 Reserviert (muß 0 sein)
mac Absolute Nr. des angeklicktes Makrofeldes (0=links oben, 1=rechs daneben usw.; -1 kein Makrofeld angeklickt)
mac_w Anzahl der Makros pro Zeile. Dadurch kann zusammen mit mac die genaue Position des Makrofeldes bestimmt werden. Z.B. Spalte 3, Zeile 5. Dies ist wichtig, wenn man in eigenen Applikationen bestimmten Feldern eine Funktion zuweisen möchte und diese Funktion bei allen Tabletts an der selben Stelle liegen soll. (Denn verschiedene Tabletts haben unterschiedliche Größen und damit auch verschieden viele Makros pro Zeile, wodurch sich mac verschiebt! Cookie, CCDA

Tempus Word 2.0 Cookie, cdMC


File system for CD-ROMs under MiNT/MultiTOS > V0.4.

Modifies vector: hdv_mediach.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, CDOT

Crazy-Dots graphic driver Cookie, ceci

Cecile disk drive driver Cookie, CFIX

Console Fix Cookie, CFsl

Compo FSel Cookie, CHAM


Accessory for loading/removing desk accessories while computer is running. Cookie, CHBT

Changes Cookie, CHN1

Changes Cookie, CHNG

Changes Cookie, CHTW


Universal development environment.

Modifies the xconout vectors #2 and #5 (output redirection). Older versions also modify the Timer A vector.

Status: Freeware Cookie, CICN


The program enables loading and use of resources with colour icons. Cookie, CISY

CISYSTEM (Ciechowsky Computer Innovations). Cookie, CJar

JarXXX program

Increases the size of the cookie jar to hold the number of cookies specified in the 3-digit number entered to replace 'XXX'. Cookie, CJAR


Sets the cookie-jar at 40 entries.

Modified: Reset vector.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, ck01

Reset handler for cookie library

Installs a reset handler which clears the cookie jar on reboot. Cookie, CKBD

COMPOSE - Character Deluxe Keyboard Driver

Running on all ST-compatible computers, this is an extended, flexible keyboard driver for Atari computers that permits creation of any of the characters not found on the keyboard.

Features: Creation of non-keyboard characters by three different methods, interchangeable tables.

Modifies IKBDSYS and, if necessary, the resvector, kcl_hook and bell_hook.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, CKJR

Installs an empty cookie jar (ST-Magazin 3/1990).

Modifies the reset vector. Cookie, CLCK

Two AUTO-folder TSR utilities for Mega ST hardware clock or online display of the keyboard processor clock on computers without a hardware clock.

Modified: the IKBD system vector ikbdsys wg. Hotkey.

In addition there is one cookie and one VBL entry. Cookie, CLK1

Utility for MEGA ST hardware clock Cookie, CLOK

CLOCK for GMT settings (?) Cookie, CM16

This cookie is placed by CM16_VIP.PRG (the CyReL M16 Versatile Installation Program) if one or more CyReL M16-1280 TrueColor graphics card(s) is/are installed in the system. The cookie then points to the start of the M16 STRUCTure (see X M16s). If the lowest value bit of the pointer is set (so it points to an odd address), then the M16 STRUCTure is currently being processed or altered by another program. The LST must be checked before every access and set with a READ/MODIFY/WRITE instruction. After processing the M16 STRUCTure the MSB is reset again. Cookie, CNTS

CentScreen Cookie, COLO


Mono -> colour converter.

Distributor: ASH. Cookie, CPSL

CapsLock display (as of V2.0), by Jürgen Heindel and Patrick Dubbrow.

The Mega ST keyboard has already been prepared for a LED that shows the status of the CapsLock key. It can also be built in easily in ST/STE/TT machines. The program installs a VBLANK routine. Cookie, CRAC

Protar hard disk driver Cookie, CRIT


Personal data protection for Atari ST/TT.

Modifies the three hdv_ vectors. Cookie, CSMD

CyReL Serial Mouse Manager

The cookie points to a parameter block in the resident mouse driver which is loaded as an AUTO-folder program. The driver hooks into the keyboard, mouse, 200Hz and reset vectors. Together with the associated desk accessory, the following mice can be used on any serial port of the Atari (ST/MegaST/STe/MegaSTE/TT030/Falcon030): Microsoft mouse- compatible input devices (Muse, PenMouse, TouchScreen), Mouse System Corporation-compatible devices, Summagraphics MM Digitizer and Summagraphics BitPad II Digitizer as well as compatible tablets. Cookie, CT40

CT40 present Cookie, CT60

CT60 present

typedef struct
  unit16_t trigger_temp;
  unit16_t daystop;
  unit16_t timestop;
  unit16_t speed_fan;
  unsigned long cpu_frequency;        /* in MHz * 10 */
  unit16_t beep;
} CT60_COOKIE; Cookie, CTCH

Master-module catch.mmx

Interception of ^C, ^\ and ^Z, timeouts for programs. Cookie, CtCp

Control Caps V1.4

CapsLock display and special functions with CTRL-ALT key combinations.

Modifies IKBD, evt_term, 1 VBL slot (if all occupied, modifies last slot with XBRA.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, CTSF


CTS-bug fix. Cookie, cVDI

This descriptor is used by the CyReL M16-1280 VDI driver. It is placed in the VDI-trap. The cookie points to a parameter block in the VDI driver containing information about the current resolution, mode, Line-A configuration and other matters. Cookie, CWCo

Compo FSel Cookie, DATE

Led Panel Date

The "DATE" cookie contains a pointer to a WORD-sized variable with the current date in Tgetdate format. Cookie, DATL

TwiLight - The Screensaver

Modifies TRAP #1, TRAP #2, 200 Hz system timer, IKBD/MIDI, Resvector, midivec (Kbdvbase), mousevec (Kbdvbase), joyvec (Kbdvbase).

Distribution: DDT Digital Desktop GmbH. Delirium Arts Alvar Freude & Peter Scherer GbR. Cookie, DAWN

Before Dawn

Screensaver. Cookie, DBFX

Patch program that allows the use of the Diablo emulator under MiNT 0.96 (and newer). It is no longer required from Diablo Version 1.6 on.

Modifies the BIOS output routines for the printer.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, DCdd

Double-Click Software's Data Diet Cookie, DCF7

DCF77 decodes the signals of a joystick-port radio clock receiver. An accessory provides a freely configurable clock in the menu bar.

Modifies Kbdvbase->joyvec.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, DCSD

Calamus screen driver

struct DCSD_cookie
  int16_t version;
  void    CDECL (*init)(void);
  void    CDECL (*exit)(void);
  int32_t CDECL (*active)(void);
  void*   CDECL (*getbase)(void);
  void    CDECL (*gettlt)(uint8_t tlt[256]);
  void    CDECL (*blit_from_screen)(struct DCSD_BLITARGS *args);
  void    CDECL (*blit_to_screen)(struct DCSD_BLITARGS *args);
  int32_t CDECL (*custom)(int32_t par);      /* Customer function */
}; Cookie, DECD


Resident hardware driver for DEC Ethernet cards on the PCI-bus with complete PCI-interrupt handling. Runs only on computers with a PCI-bus (Hades,...); PCI-BIOS (_PCI) is a prerequisite.

Modifies TT-MFP interrupt vectors, depending on how many, and in which PCI slots, the network cards have been plugged - this info is offered by the PCI-BIOS.

Copyright: Shareware. Cookie, DEPI

DeskPic (ACC and TSR program)

Install an image as a desktop and program background.

Modifies vectors: VDI (number 114, recfill, will be evaluated), BIOS (for the purpose of reinstalling the VDI-trap, say after the launch of TOS/TTP applications). Cookie, DHST

Document History protocol

Contains in the low WORD of the cookie value the AES ID of the Document History server. The Document History protocol is available as of StartMeUp! 7.01.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, DIG2

Digiplay by Emmanuel Jaccard Cookie, DJBX

The DeskJet-Init BIOS extension initializes the DJ automatically if the printer is switched on after the computer.

Hooks into the BIOS-trap. Cookie, DKEY

Dead Key from Brainstorm Cookie, DNTR

DNT RAMdisk Cookie, DPAT

Desktop Patterns Cookie, DPRS

Printer buffer

Status: PD. Cookie, DRIV


Modifies the three hard disk vectors. Cookie, DRRH


Desk accessory for keyboard layout assignment. Cookie, Dsel


System kernel for a file-selector.

Modifies vectors 45 (BIOS) and 34 (AES). Cookie, DSSO


Keyboard driver.

Modifies the IKBD vector. Cookie, DYDL


Supplementary program for patching égale. Cookie, DYJA

CCONRS.PRG installs a new CCONRS routine with correction capabilities (cursor keys, Delete, Backspace,...) and history buffer.

The GEMDOS vector is modified.

The program is Freeware. Cookie, DYJD


Replaces Dosound, Cconout and Crawio. This is mainly useful on systems that do not support this routine, such as a PC with MagiC PC (MPC), for instance.

GEMDOS and BIOS vectors are modified. Cookie, DYJT


This program manipulates the Dfree routine of the operating system. This is necessary on systems with partitions >2GB (4GB) and programs that otherwise do not support that.

The GEMDOS vector is modified. Cookie, DYNL

Identifier of the Dynamic Link Library driver, with which the dynamic linking of programs is supported on the Atari.

Status: Freeware.

User source: Not yet released.

Uses vectors: TRAP #9.

Warning: Still in development at time of writing! Cookie, DYwl


This program makes possible for MagiC PC to use Windows connections as full-blown links. Cookie, EADC


Flexible and reset-proof RAMdisk with many extras. Cookie, EBPO

EB Modeleur

Universal modeller. Cookie, EdDI

EdDI by Sven&Wilfried Behne, BELA

NVDI (and also the ENHANCER for the ATARI-VDI) will place an 'EdDI' cookie in the cookie jar containing a dispatcher address in the cookie's value. The dispatcher uses Turbo C/Pure C calling conventions (register d0 contains the opcode; registers d1-d2/a0-a1 and the stack may be used for additional parameters).

Till now only opcode 0 is implemented. This opcode returns the 'EdDI' version number.

Version 1.00 (return value is $100) supports v_opnbm, v_clsbm and vq_scrninfo.

From Version 1.10 on, v_opnbm, vq_scrninfo have additional parameters.

Version 1.20 supports v_open_bm and v_resize_bm. Cookie, EDFX


Patch program for use of MS-DOS ED floppy disks (1 sector per cluster) under TOS.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, EGON


CD-ROM Driver. Cookie, EMNP

MNP emulator

Software that emulates MNP (without compression). Cookie, ENV$

Desktop environment manager Cookie, ENVN


Sets the GEM environment.

Redirected: exec_os, reset vector.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, ENVR

Program for setting the desktop environment Cookie, EPro

Extendos Pro CD-ROM Driver

Hooks into GEMDOS-, XBIOS-trap, hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, hdv_mediach. Cookie, F117

From the spedder SST.

Points to 64K ST-RAM-Only Disk "Stealth Buffer".

Currently used a lot bey SST. Cookie, ETM

Demouser Cookie, EURO

Euro character

The cookie has the folowing bit makeup:

00000000 00000000 000000rs cccccccc

c - Bit 0..7: Position of the Euro character used by the system
s - Bit 8: Flag whether the Euro character is present in the system font (1) or not (0)
r - Bit 9: Flag whether the Euro character is to be substituted by the text "EUR" (1) or not (0), if it is not contained in the system font
0 - Bit 10..31: Reserved Cookie, EUSB

Ethernet USB API

The cookie points to a structure over which communication with external USB ethernet drivers takes place. Cookie, EXRA

ExtraRAM management for the FAFST accelerator card

Manufacture and distribution: F. Aschwanden.

Modifies vectors: GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS. Cookie, EXTD

TOS Filename Extender Cookie, FaKE


Installs a MiNT cookie on non-MiNT systems.

Modifies no vectors.

Available from: http://stud.uni-sb.de/ gufl0000/atari.

Licensing: GNU General Public License. Cookie, FALT


Fix-program for a bug problem with Setscreen on MegaSTE's.

ST-Computer 1/1992, Page 165

Status: PD. Cookie, FAX!

This cookie is used for sending faxes with the program STarFax:

Bit 0...7: Number of ready fax pages
Bit 8..31: Reserved Cookie, FAXR

Fax Redirector

Serves for the automatic diversion of GDOS printer output to the FAX device number.

Modifies TRAP #2, but is normally invisible (as the trap is subse- quently modified by the AES.

Freely available for Tele-Office users from TKR. Cookie, FHFX

F030HFIX.PRG - (Falcon030 GEMDOS Handle Fix)

Corrects an error in the Falcon's GEMDOS which leads to all file functions not being able to manage negative device handles (-3 to -1) (which is why GFA-Basic can no longer print).

Modified vectors: TRAP #1. Cookie, FIX2


Limits 68030 addressing to 24 bit; published in ST-Computer. Cookie, FLTP


Permits assignment of the position at which flying dialog boxes will appear.

Modifies TRAP #2 and, at reinstallation of the cookie jar, resvector. Creates a VSCR cookie.

ST-Magazin 1/92. Cookie, FLXD

Flexdisk (Version 1.4) Cookie, fMSX


Port of the freeMSX-emulator to GEM.

Modifies vectors: Kbdvbase()->kb_kbdsys.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, Fose

Font selector Cookie, FOse

Font selector (ACC or PRG)

Accompanied by add-on program FOSEINST.PRG.

ST-Computer disk PD 430, PD-pool 2239. Cookie, FrmD

Form_do_it Cookie, FSEL

Extended File-Selector

The presence of this cookie signals that the AES call 'fsel_exinput' may be made (is set by some file-selectors). Cookie, FSER


Routines for fast servicing of the serial interface(s).

Modifies MAPTAP as well as SCC vectors.

Status: Freeware.

typedef struct
    uint16_t version;
    unsigned unused:15;
    unsigned baud_table_flag:1;        //* bit 0 in one WORD */
    BASPAG *mem_blk;

Vector-font GDOS

The cookie is created by a vector-font-capable GDOS (e.g. SpeedoGDOS or NVDI), and points to the following structure:

typedef struct
   int8_t  magic[4];
   int16_t version;   /* Version number (0x400 for 4.00) */
   int16_t quality;

Note: In the never officially available FSM GDOS the element magic has the value '_FSM'; '_FNT' represents FONTGDOS, '_SPD' SpeedoGDOS and 'TTFG' ttf-gdos by Trevor Blight. Cookie, FSmp

Martin Patzel File Selector Cookie, fVDI

Shows presence of fVDI. Cookie, F_3D

Focus 3D graphics program

The cookie points to a structure over which communication with external modules of Focus 3D takes place. Cookie, GABI

Gabriele 9009 IFD1 emulator

Driver for typewriter on the serial port (improved version, original appeared somewhere in ST-Computer).

Uses TRAP #13 and MFP Int #12. Cookie, GBel

GemBell Cookie, GCOM

GEM Component Object Model

This cookie indicates the availability of the GCOM extension. The value of the cookie is a pointer to the service routines. GCOM is at present not yet publicly available (Thomas Much).

Status: GCOM will be Freeware. Cookie, GDEV

GNU-C Device driver

The cookie's value is a pointer to a chained list of device records (a more exact description is available on request) that are entered by programs at launch into a corresponding internal list. Together they then form a collection of device drivers which correspond to the /dev directory of Unix.

(Presently available: /dev/tty, /dev/tty1, /dev/mouse, /dev/null, /dev/lp; further drivers are planned). Cookie, GEHC

Hot key driver for Hypercache Turbo+

Modifies ikbdsys. Cookie, GEHD

Hard disk driver Cookie, GEMB

GE Soft HD Driver Cookie, GENV

GEM Environment setter

Source: ST-Magazin 6/1990. Cookie, Gfix

Gamefix for Falcon030 and programs created by it

Intercepts the Srealloc call for activated old screen address, though the routine lies in an officially no longer accessible region of memory.

Redirected vectors: TRAP #1.

Status: Appeared in ST-Computer 11/93. Cookie, GI30

Gandhi - Outputs the information available from exceptions

The cookie points to a configuration structure.

Modifies the following vectors: 2-9, 11, 13, 48-54, 56-58.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, GIGA

GIGA-BOX ST driver Cookie, gk5"

Driver software for 5.25" high density third drive

Modifies hdv_rw, hdv_bpb, hdv_mediach, etv_critic. Cookie, gkCO

Calamus interface module (gkCO)

Affects mouse button routine (via VDI: vex_butv), and mouse movement (via VDI: vex_motv). Cookie, GLAS

Free drive-space display

Desk accessory for showing free space available on GEMDOS drives.

Hooks into hdw_rw and TRAP #1. Cookie, GLBL

GLBX_EXT.PRG - GEMLABEL system extension

Modified: Reset vector, GEMDOS-trap.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, GMNI

GEMINI - The shareware desktop (cookie only in old versions) Cookie, GMTC

Timezone CPX

3322 2222 2222 1111 1111 1100 0000 0000
1098 7654 3210 9876 5432 1098 7654 3210
rrrr rrrr rrrr rrrs mmmm mmmm mmmm mmmm

r - Reserved (Info about which town was clicked on in the CPX)
s - 1 for summertime, 0 for wintertime
m - Difference to GMT in minutes in wintertime Cookie, GNUC

GNU-C library

Modified: all traps from Buserror to Tracetrap, kbd_vecs->ikbdsys, VBL, etv_term, etv_timer, resvector. Cookie, Gnva

Geneva multi-tasking AES

This cookie either contains a pointer to the G_COOKIE structure or it contains zero. If it contains zero, this means that Geneva was previously installed, but is no longer.

typedef struct
  int16_t ver;
  int8_t *process_name;
  int16_t apid;
  int16_t (**aes_funcs)();
  int16_t (**xaes_funcs)();
  struct G_vectors *vectors;    /* Release 004 */
ver Geneva version, 0x0102 means 1.02
process_name Points to the name of the process currently using Geneva; this is in appl_find format
apid Application ID of the process
aes_funcs Internal table of AES functions
xaes_funcs Internal table of extended functions

Note: The function tables are subject to change in future versions. Cookie, GOBJ

Was used by the ObjectGEM PurePascal library up to Version 1.20. As of Version 1.50 the cookie is no longer created. Cookie, GOff

Grow-/shrink-boxes Off-switch

Modifies: TRAP #2. Cookie, GSND

GEM Sound Cookie, GSP1

GEM Spooler Cookie, GSXB

Generic sound XBIOS Cookie, GULM

Guläm command shell

Modifies: _shell_p. Cookie, HABO

HaBoo 1.8 - Hard disk cache (first published in ST-Magazin 6/1988).

Note: It is no longer supported, requests are pointless. Use TOS 1.04 (or newer) with CACHENNN.PRG or similar instead! Cookie, hade

Hades computer

Bit available hardware
0 ROM port
1 VME nus
2 SCSI card
3 Atari DMA
4 - 11 Reserved
12 - 15 Reserved for video hardware
  12 = ET4000 at ISA bus
  13 = graphic card at VME bus
  14 = PCI bus graphic card
16 - 31 Machinen version (at moment 0) Cookie, HAMM

Software for 'Melody Maker'

Modifies various timer vectors. Cookie, HBFS

BoxKite - Resident File-Selector

Modifies TRAP #2 and #13. The value of the cookie is the entry address of the TRAP #2 handler.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, HcP6

NEC P6 Hardcopy in two sizes, works with Hyperscreen.

Takes over hardcopy vector ($502). Cookie, HDDR

HD Driver Cookie, HDEX

HD Driver's-own interface Cookie, HDEY

Hard Disc Eye

Lights drive A:'s LED whenever a hard drive is accessed.

Modifies hdv_rw. Cookie, HDJR


Hard & Soft Harddisk-Interface (hard disk driver). Cookie, HDLD

'HD-LED' Drive A:

Uses the normal drive activity LED as HD-LED.

Modifies hdv_rw.

Status: Public Domain, dissassembled and errors removed. Cookie, HDPR


Write- and read-protect program. Cookie, HDRC


Driver for a hard disk recording system that is connected at the ACSI port.

Redirected vectors: 200Hz timer, hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, hdv_boot, hdv_mediach. Cookie, HDST

Eickmann HD Driver Cookie, HDSW

HDSWITCH.PRG - High Density Switcher (at present V1.1)

Configuration for high density floppy drives.

[LSHIFT][ALT][HELP] changes the mode (auto, forced HD, forced DD).

Modifies scr_dump. Cookie, HFIX


Ensures that the device number desired by the Atari GDOS versions is passed for v_opnvwk.

Published in ST-Magazin 4/92. Cookie, hFRB

BIOS driver for Rwabs transfers into/out of Fast-RAM

Intercepts Rwabs, and redirects all accesses to Fast-RAM through the FRB. Required for PAK with Fast-RAM.

Status: PD. Cookie, HIDS

HIGHDENS.PRG - High density disk driver (at present V2.0)

With circuit modifications of the MAXON-HD solution for using high density floppies on computers not originally fitted with them, this driver allows (almost) imperceptible High Density floppy handling, particularly with 5 1/4" drives and/or two drives.

Modifies etv_critic, hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, XBIOS. Requires 1xVBI. Cookie, HMDU

Memory dump for PMD of the Hänisch Modula2 system

Affects exception vectors 2-8. Cookie, HMOC

Object cache for Hänisch-Modula Cookie, HMRD

Run-time Debugger of Hänisch-Modula

The following vectors are modified: TRAP #0, 3-12, 15; exception vectors 2-8, VBL-interrupt. Cookie, HMRS

Run-time System of Hänisch-Modula2

Affects exception vectors 2-8. Cookie, HPHC

Hardcopy for HP DeskJet

Modifies hardcopy vector. Cookie, HPLJ

HP LaserJet emulator V1.04

This desk accessory converts the printer control-codes of an HP LaserJet printer that are output via a GEMDOS or BIOS function into a raster graphic.

Uses vectors: TRAP #1, TRAP #13. Cookie, HSCD

MiNT CD-ROM driver

Affects mediachange vector.

Commercial product from Hard & Soft. Cookie, HSND


Assigns sound sample outputs to operating system actions, key-presses etc.

Vectors: GEMDOS; BIOS; AES/VDI; IKBD/MIDI; mouse (KBDVECS.mousevec); bell_hook; kcl_hook; bus errors; address errors; illegal commands; ST-MFP I13 (Timer A).

Distribution by MAXON Computer GmbH. Cookie, HWAM

Cookie Jar creator program Cookie, IBMP


Converts Norwegian characters to IBM standard printer characters. Cookie, ICFS

ICFS - Iconify-Server

Assigns positions for iconified windows for programs that want to offer iconifying also under old TOS versions and MagiC 2.0. The XBRA ID is used under MagiC as of Version 3, which is persuaded by the redirection of TRAP #2 to use ICFS. Cookie, ICST

INETCUST cookie Cookie, IDSK


Source: ST-Digital. Cookie, IMAC

Bootsector guardian

Status: PD. Cookie, IMNE

Imagine graphics card Cookie, INSJ


This installs a cookie jar or extends an already existing one. The five standard cookies are installed. _CPU and _FPU are filled with values corresponding to the installed hardware. If a 68030 board is present, then _longframe is set accordingly. Cookie, INXR

Index generator Cookie, iPRN

iPRN - Interrupt-using BIOS handler for device PRN

Speeds up print output with programs that print via GEMDOS or BIOS, as well as screen dumps via Alternate-Help. Eliminates the wasted minute waiting for a timeout when printer is not switched on, as well as the rubbish byte at a reset.

The cookie contains a pointer to configuration variables.

Modifies the BIOS-trap, prv-lsto, prv-lst, xcostat0, xconout0 and resvector (all with XBRA). Activates and uses MFP interrupt I0.

Status: Freeware up to 0.99, after this Shareware. Cookie, IRSB


This modifies the autovector interrupt, Level 4, to allow switching the shuttering action of SEGA 3D spectacles (German: 'Brille') during the VBL.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, iTMA

MFP Timer A interrupt handler

Interrupt-controlled floppy disk operations (read/write/format).

Installed by E-Copy as of 2.0, E-Backup as of 2.0, Kobold as of 3.0. Cookie, JAM1

'Butler James'

Redirected vectors: hdv_rw, hdv_bpb, TRAP #1, Trap #14

Available from: Various mailboxes, or direct from the author Pascal Fellerich (see ST-Magazin 2/90). Cookie, JANU

The Atari emluator Janus form vhf Computer is present. Cookie, JB2G


This is a program that outputs all text and HP-PCL output over Bconout(0) via GDOS.

The cookie points to an internal structure to configure the TSR program with a CPX.

Redirected vectors: Xconstat[0], Xconout[0].

Status: Shareware. Cookie, JCLK

Clocky multi-utility Cookie, JCNB

JCNBOOT - Mouse-operable boot selector (Auto, ACC, setups) Cookie, JCNC

Control field (little multi-ACC)

Redirected: etv_term, $114, mousevec, kbdsys and perhaps in future clockvec. Cookie, JCNH

Hardcopy program

Redirected: $100. Cookie, JCNT

COCTEAU (may still be changed)

Text processing program by Jens C. Neffe.

Redirected: etv_term. Cookie, JFTP

SCSI driver for generic tape devices

Compatible to Paul Moreaus' "Tape-Driver", in basic functions also to Alan Houriane's "Kopie". Driver for MiNT.

Affects vectors: BIOS is extended for versions < 2.0. Current version: 1.4.

Distribution: Shareware/Beta-Releases. Versions > 2.0 possibly with MultiTOS. Cookie, JINX

Jinx Cookie, JMLB

McBoot bootselector

Modifies vectors: resvector, exec_os.

Status: Shareware

Frey key:

general key
no street
no town
1554446552 Cookie, JMLS


This is a screen snapshot program for all resolutions in 2/4/16/256 colours in palette mode as well as 15/16/24/32-bit in direct-colour mode. The cookie points to a programmer interface.

Redirected vectors: scr_dump. Cookie, JSHD

Hyper-Density control program

Source: ST-Computer 7/1989. Cookie, JUST


Registers all program- and their file-calls and saves these. This information can then be evaluated.

Redirected: GEMDOS-trap. Cookie, J_Sc


This makes a pointer available that is used by JML-Snapshot. SECURE is a part of the JML-Snapshot package, but is Freeware. Cookie, KAOS

KAOS is an operating system modification

As of Version 1.4 it creates this cookie. The LONGword contains the creation date in packed BCD format:

0x22121989L corresponds to "22.12.1989" Cookie, KbEv

Keyboard-Event handling module for Megamax Modula2 Cookie, KEYT

KEYTAB - Keyboard remapping program

The cookie points to a structure with conversion routines for various character-set tables (Atari, ANSI, Mac, PC).

Status: Freeware. Cookie, KGTF

Tos Fix Cookie, KIDI

RAMdisk by Robert Irrgang Cookie, KLME

CMD is the extremely compact command line interpreter for TOS, KAOS and MagiC.

The executable can be named:

- MCMD for MagiC
- CMD for TOS

Modified: etv_term Cookie, KREG

Kill Registers

Hangs in the GEMDOS-trap and destroys the registers a0/a1/a2/d1/d2.

Status: Freeware, killregs.zoo Cookie, KyMp

Keyboard Macro & Remapping utility

Redirected vectors: kbdvbase->ikbdsys and etv_timer).

Status: Public Domain. Cookie, KyWt


This supervises all keyboard inputs made while the Control and Alternate keys are being held down. Furthermore KeyWatch offers other programs the possibility of linking into these key presses. This makes cross-program shortcuts possible. Cookie, Lace


LaceScan is a package that allows an ordinary ST to display a much larger screen area (i.e. more pixels) than that ordinarily used by each of the three original resolutions, and also to emulate some larger resolutions than even this enlarged screen can display physically. Cookie, LACY


Modifies TRAP #1, TRAP #13, GEMDOS.

'Special' disk from MAXON Computer GmbH. Cookie, LALA


Module for the playing of samples via bell_hook (ST-Magazin 1/92). Cookie, lanc

MiNT-Net ethernet driver for AMD LANCE

lance.xif, pamintrn.xif, rieblmst.xif, rieblmst_fast.xif, rieblspc.xif, rieblspc_fast.xif, rieblste.xif, riebltt.xif - these are a part of the Ethernet driver of the MiNT-Net package for AMD LANCE-based Ethernet cards (PAMsNet, Riebl).

Affects vectors: int2 (HBI), int4 (VBI), int5. Cookie, LASB

Laserbrain - Epson emulator for Atari SLM Laser printers

Affects BIOS-trap, GEMDOS-trap, hardcopy vector. Cookie, LAWC

Look-Ahead Write Cache V1.10

This cache utility employs the look-ahead process for the reading of sectors and a write-cache for writing.

Used vectors: hdv_rw. Cookie, LDGM

GEM Dynamical Libraries (LDG) Cookie, LEDP

LED Panel

Displays hard disk accesses and optionally other things like date and time on the screen.

Modified via XBRA: hdv_rw.

Status: Version 2.4 (31.1.94), PD. Cookie, LEmu

LaceScan command-keys emulator Cookie, Lity

Liberty Cookie, LLCR


Affects: hdv vectors. Cookie, LMus

LaceScan mouse accelerator Cookie, LOGB

Logbuch (Logbook)

Launches programs by means of a program history in a popup.

Hangs in the GEM-trap and waits for shel_write calls.

Status: Freeware.

typedef struct
   int16_t numln;
   int16_t reserved1;
   int16_t reserved2;
   int16_t reserved3;
   int16_t reserved4;
   int16_t reserved5;
   int16_t reserved6;
   int8_t  **lnptr;

lnptr points to a field of maximum numln NULL-terminated strings that contain the program names with full path. If there are fewer than numln entries, the list ends with an empty string. Cookie, LoSe

SER-LOG - Logs output from and to the modem.

Alters xconin and xconout for AUX. Cookie, LPCD

Carrier Detector Cookie, LPJM

Joy Mouse

Source: ST-Magazin 7/89. Cookie, LP/2

Modifies Malloc/2, GEMDOS vector

Introduced in ST-Magazin 3/91. Cookie, LTMF


Replaces/extends almost all form_xxxx routines of the AES. Thanks to this many dialogs are now: a) flight-capable, b) operable via the keyboard and c) provided with additional functions for editable fields. Furthermore, the cookie jar will now offer a flying routine for non-form_do dialogs.

Modifies: TRAP #2 (AES/VDI), TRAP #13 (BIOS).

Status: Freeware. Cookie, M16s

Designates the start of the CyReL M16 STRUCTure, a resident data block that contains the I/O vectors and hardware addresses of the CyReL M16-1280 TrueColor graphics cards (max. 4 per system). If the CyReL GIOS (General IO System) is installed, this XBRA ID is also initialized in the BIOS, XBIOS and GEMDOS vectors. Cookie, M16X

CyReL M16 XBIOS emulator

This is entered in the XBIOS vector. Cookie, macc


The cookie has a different (non-printable) value (namely $00AA006E).

Modifies MFP rec. buffer full, mousevec, ikbdsys. Cookie, MADD


Allows use of the TT-RAM despite 24-bit addressing.

Published in ST-Computer. Cookie, MADN

NEX-output - AUTO-folder TSR

The cookie contains the address of a function that is responsible for the transmission of data, including control codes, via the serial port or to the console respectively.

NEX-output is contained only in the NEX package and so is subject to the same status.

Source for NEX (Shareware) and queries regarding NEX: Franz Blaha. Cookie, Maes

From MyAES, which replace the AES. Cookie, MagC

Configuration of the MagicDials for CAT and CatPutz and other Magic programs that support this cookie. One can configure the flight capability, operation from the keyboard, the appearance of alert boxes etc. Cookie, MAGN

This cookie is created if the MAGNUM card has FastRAM installed.

  uint16_t version;   /* Version number - currently 1 */
  uint32_t fr_start;  /* Start address of FastRAM     */
  uint32_t fr_len;    /* Length of FastRAM            */
} MAGN_cookie;

This information can be used by hard disk drivers, for instance, to transfer data directly via DMA to this memory block. Other programs should ignore this cookie and allocate their memory cleanly with Mxalloc. Cookie, MagX

MagiC operating system

The cookie is installed by the alternative operating system MagiC, and points to the following structure:

typedef struct
   int32_t   config_status;
   DOSVARS  *dosvars;
   AESVARS  *aesvars;
   void     *res1;
   void     *hddrv_functions;
   int32_t   status_bits;

Note: The elements res1 and hddrv_functions are available only since MagiC 3, status_bits only since the version of 24.05.1995.

Warning: The version number of MagiC, which contains the presence of this extended cookie, can, stupidly, not be queried via AESVARS, as this pointer to the variables of the AES is still NULL at boot-time. Luckily one can access the pointer also via the TOS system-header (because this pointer is always valid); this can be performed via DOMagixAESVars.

See also: MgMc   MgMx   MgPC Cookie, MAST


Modified: Bus error, TRAP #1, TRAP #13, etv_critic, etv_term, _shell_p, resvector (old_resvalid lies directly before the 'XBRA'). Cookie, MaTC

Matrix True Colour graphics card

typedef struct
  int16_t version, release;
  int8_t *date;

  SCREENparameter *scr_par;
  BOARDparameter  *brd_par;
  TCXXtables      *tables;
  E2Pparameter    *e2p_par;
} TCXXparameterBlock; Cookie, MbAr

As long as MenuBar is installed, one can use menu_bar(-2/-3) to inquire the tree address of an application's menu bar. menu_bar(-2) returns the high WORD and menu_bar(-3) the low WORD. Cookie, MBRD

Blit_RD - A RAMdisk that uses the blitter (if present)

Modifies the three hdv_... vectors. Cookie, MCL_

MiNT control Cookie, McSn


Falcon-compatible sound routines

The cookie shows the availability of Falcon-compatible "XBIOS" sound routines on a Mac. Cookie, MCSP

Unimplemented Integer Instruction and Floating Point Handler

Use the Line-F Vector. Cookie, MCWR

Microwire DMA sound interface

The value of the MCWR cookie is used as values for the MICROWIRE interface.

The highest byte represents the total sound volume. The following byte represents the volume of the left channel. The byte after this represents the volume of the right channel. The last byte is divided into two nibbles: The higher value nibble represents the strength of bass frequencies, the lower value one the strength of the treble frequencies.

The value of the MCWR cookie represents the following structure, expressed in 'C':

typedef struct
  unsigned volume: 8;
  unsigned left:   8;
  unsigned right:  8;
  unsigned bass:   4;
  unsigned treble: 4;
} MCWR; Cookie, MDIA

Multi-Dialog - Moves any dialog to a window

The cookie jar contains pointers to various sets of information.

Modifies: TRAP #2 (AES), TRAP #13 (BIOS) and etv_term (GEMDOS vector #258).

Status: Freeware Cookie, MDRK

MegaDark - Screensaver for the MegaVision300 graphics card

Modifies one slot in the vbl-queue, ikbdsys and InitMouse

Source: Sang Support mailbox. Cookie, MDSa

Medical Design Software's serial fix Cookie, MFAC

Multi-accessory Cookie, MFFM

Mfsfm - Marcus' file-selector for MiNT

Modified vectors: GEM/VDI-trap, BIOS-trap.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, MFIX

MONOFIX.PRG for Falcon 030

If an SM124/44/46 monitor is connected, this sets the system variable $44c to the correct value 2 (Maccel then saves correctly) and changes the palette size in the VDI work_out field also to 2. With this some older programs will work again which previously believed they could not run in ST-high.

Modified vectors: TRAP #2. Cookie, MFMV

From Magic installed Cookie, MFNT

Font-loader accessory or program, with add-on program MFNTINST.PRG

Source: PD-Pool diskette 2240. Cookie, MGEM


Source: Maxon GmbH. Cookie, MgMc

MagiC Mac operating system

The cookie is created by the alternative operating system MagiC Mac, a port of MagiC to the hardware of the Apple (Power) Macintosh, and points to a MgMc cookie structure.

See also: MagX   MgMx   MgPC Cookie, MgMx

MagiC Mac X

Set by a port of the MagiC alternative operating system for Macintosh computers running OS X.

See also: MagX   MgMc   MgPC Cookie, MgPC

MagiC PC

Set by a port of the MagiC alternative operating system for Microsoft Windows.

See also: MagX   MgMc   MgMx Cookie, MgSn

MagiC Mac Sound driver

Emulation of Falcon's XBIOS. There is no matrix like the one in the Falcon in the MacOS system. Nevertheless it's possible to: Cookie, MID3

MIDINET3.PRG - Resident MidiNet terminal (for use with MiniBBS) Cookie, MIMA

MIDIMAN.PRG/ACC - MIDI manager (at present V1.0ß)

A MIDI utility which permits exchange of SysEx data, contains a MIDI monitor, a MIDI keyboard, a MIDI filter and naturally a MIDI thru.

Modifies: midisys, hooks out of: midivec, requires: 1xVBI. Cookie, MiNT

MiNT (MiNT is now TOS)

The cookie is created by the GEMDOS extension MiNT, a powerful kernel that is also used under MultiTOS. The value of the cookie consists of a main/sub version number in the high/low byte of the low WORD resp. So a value of 0x00000113L represents the version 1.19. Cookie, MIPS

SPOOL120.PRG - 120KB printer spooler with hardware interrupt

Modifies: 1290: prv_lst, xconin0, xcostat0, xconout0, BusyInt. Cookie, MJAF


Hardcopy fix

Source: ST-Computer 12/1989. Cookie, MkJr

The cookie identifies a Make Cookie Jar AUTO-folder program which installs a cookie jar on all machines (apart from STE, Falcon030 or TT030, which already have a cookie jar natively).

The four system cookies are created, where the _CPU cookie distingui- shes (cleanly) the processor types 68000, 68010, 68020 and 68030, though the other cookies are assigned fixed values (corresponding to a [Mega] ST[F[M]]). Cookie, MM2X

Megamax Modula low-level module, with which Modula procedures can be installed without employing Assembler for intercepting any desired processor exception (TRAP instructions, bus-error, etc.). Cookie, MMAC

MM_ACCEL.PRG - MagicMouse

Mouse accelerator (6th order polynomial).

Vectors that are modified: mouse_vec, resvector.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, MMUT

MM2_UTIL.PRG - Midi-Maze ][ utility

With the Midi-Maze ][ utility the ring-test is configured somewhat more comfortably. Furthermore, due to a MIDI Thru it is possible to leave Midi-Maze without the ring collapsing.

Modifies: midivec.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, MM_2

Midimaze 2

Status: Shareware. Cookie, MN3D

MENU3D.PRG - Menus and submenus in 3D-look

When MENU3D.PRG is launched, all menu lines and submenus initialized in the future will appear in 3D-look, as long as the system supports 3D-look.

Uses TRAP #2/AES-VDI. Cookie, MNAM

Machine Name

The cookie points to a null-terminated ASCII string (maximum 24 characters plus NULL-byte), which describes the type of the computer hardware (e.g. "ATARI TT030"). When setting the name, please keep it short! Cookie, MOAF

ARROWFIX - Fix program for GEM 3.2 (TOS 2.06, 3.06)

Corrects errors in WM_ARROWED messages of GEM 3.2.

Modifies BIOS- and GEM-trap, if the GEM cannot be patched. Cookie, MOGR

GEMRAM - Installs GEM in RAM

Modifies _sysbase, _exec_os and as a result all vectors of GEM. On successful installation it enters this cookie in the cookie jar. If a new jar has to be created, a reset routine for deinstallation is incorporated. Cookie, MPRO

MagicPro config CPX

Contains pointers to configuration data of programs that use Magic Professional >= 1.00. Exact format available on request. Cookie, MRAM

More RAM - Enlarges the free memory Cookie, MSPD

MSPEED.PRG - 'Very small and simple mouse speeder' Cookie, MSPO

MS_SPOOL.PRG - Magic Spooler

Printer spooler, print to file, swap to disk.

Modified vectors: BIOS, busy_int, hz_200, resvector, prv_lsto, prv_lst, vbl_slot.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, mstx

Mouse Tricks Cookie, MTCI

MATRIX MatGraph - TCxx

The program tcxxinfo.tos from the MATRIX graphic card installs some XBIOS functions.

See also: MATRIX Cookie, MTft

Trapper - AUTO-folder TSR

Installs a function table for the BIOS, XBIOS, GEMDOS and (not yet to date) AES which the TSRs can use to hook themelves in.

The cookie contains a pointer that enables accesses to various data structures and various functions.

Modifies TRAP #1, #13, #14 and (not yet) #2.

Status: Version 1.0 is Freeware. Cookie, MUPF

Mupfel - Unix-like shell, up to Version 1.2x Cookie, MWHL

MWheel Cookie, MZTR



VT_DRIVE.PRG stellt einen Treiber für den Videotext-Decoder von Print- Technik (neuere Version zum Anschluß an den ROM-Port) zur Verfügung.

Der Treiber stelle eine neue BIOS Funktion zur Verfügung mit deren hilfe der Decoder angesteuert werden kann.

Vectors modified: BIOS-trap Cookie, M_IN

MATRIX MatGraph - Cxx

The program cxx_info.tos from the MATRIX graphic card install some XBIOS function.

See also: MATRIX Cookie, N203

Multipurpose accessory

Modifies vectors: Timer C, GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS, hardcopy, hdv_rw, hdv_bpb, hdv_mediach, keyboard, mouse, Vblank. Cookie, nAES

N.AES - the AES for MiNT

This cookie is created by the AES-replacement N.AES and points to the structure N_AESINFO. Cookie, NAH3

The N_ALTHLP snapshot utility is installed.

Vectors modified: scr_dump ($502) Cookie, NBEL


Hooks itself into bell_hook and outputs a DMA sound. Cookie, NBLL


Sets a new system bell sound.

Modified: bell_hook, reset vector.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, NCLN


With this resident program nearly all applications attain the better- looking seperation lines known from Gemini in their menus.

Modifies TRAP #2 and TRAP #13. Cookie, ne2k

ne2000.xif- Driver for PCI NE2000 cards

Sets up the PCI-BIOS (at present low level).

Vectors: Hooks into the interrupt chain of the PCI-BIOS.

Status: Commercial. Cookie, NERV

No etv_critic_alert

Disables the etv_critic alert box on drives A: and B: after multiple attempts. Cookie, NETS

Driver software for PAM Novell netware Cookie, NEXB


This reserves a block of memory of a fixed size and links it via a cookie structure.

No vectors are modified.

Status: NEX-BUFFER is a component of 'Maustausch-Externals' NEX (Shareware) and is only available with this package, i.e. NEX-BUFFER may not be distributed separately. Cookie, NEXK

NEX-Toolkit - AUTO-folder TSR

Installs a cookie pointing to a functions table with permanently needed functions for the Maustausch program NEX.

Status: NEX-Toolkit is only contained in the NEX package and so is subject to the same status. Cookie, NFMT


This displays cookie and system infos and creates/enlarges a cookie jar on request. The cookie contains information about the program that installed it and the type of action undertaken.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, NFnt

Neodesk Font-loader Cookie, NKCC

Normalized Key Code Converter - Keyboard and event manager

Library for binding in to Pure-C or Turbo-C programs. Converts key codes into an appreciably more comfortable format that is independent of the TOS version (country language!). All possible key combinations are recognized. Furthermore a deadkey mechanism (e.g. e and ' become é) and direct ASCII input (Alternate + number block) are built in.

Modifies vectors: 200 Hz system clock ($114), GEM-trap, VDI x_butv.

Copyright status: Public Domain. Cookie, NLdr

Neodesk Loader Cookie, NMGE

No More amc-Gdos Errors

Hooks into TRAP #2. Cookie, NO7P

NO7PRINT.PRG - Converts Norwegian characters for 7-bit printers Cookie, noCF

noSystem Cookie, NOR5

NORKEY5.PRG - Norwegian keyboard-driver with lots of extra stuff Cookie, NOVA

NOVA graphics card Cookie, NSC1


A desk accessory that displays all GEMDOS, XBIOS, BIOS and GEM calls on the screen. Cookie, Nspd

Cookie from the Nemesis Falcon accelerator

The information for this cookie can contain one of three different values:

  0  Nemesis Off
  1  Nemesis Lo
  2  Nemesis Hi Cookie, nTAS

Indicates that no TAS instructions are to be executed (due to an error in `HyperCache'). Is respected by GEMAR. Cookie, NTK4

NTK4 - Falcon MOD player Cookie, nTOS



System startup utility Cookie, NVDI

NVDI - Fast replacement of the VDI

The cookie is installed by the 'screen speeder' NVDI, and points to the following structure:

typedef struct
  uint16_t nvdi_version;      /* Version in BCD format          */
                              /* (e.g. 0x400 for 4.00)          */
  uint32_t nvdi_date;         /* Date in BCD format             */
                              /* (0x18061990 for 18.06.1990)    */
     unsigned           : 9;  /* Reserved                       */
     unsigned alert     : 1;  /* Error-messages on/off          */
     unsigned           : 1;  /* Reserved                       */
     unsigned linea     : 1;  /* LINE-A                         */
     unsigned mouse     : 1;  /* Dynamic mouse                  */
     unsigned gemdos    : 1;  /* (Fast) GEMDOS character output */
     unsigned error     : 1;  /* Error compatibility            */
     unsigned gdos      : 1;  /* GDOS                           */
  } nvdi_config;

Modifies GEM, GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS and the LINE-A vector. Cookie, OBNL

Load-Time Linking (abbr. "LTL") protocol

With this cookie one can transact a protocol for load-time linking betweeen a shell and a loader. It was used for the first time by STJ-Oberon-2 and the shell Chatwin.

Documentation: Archive LTLPROTO.LZH Cookie, OFLS

Check Open Files

This is used for logging how many files remain open on which drive. It is implemented by the PD program 'CHECK_OFLS'.

Documentation: See manual and ST-Magazin 11/1991. Cookie, OPMM

Open Helper

The program assists at a 'Fopen' call when the path is incorrect. On demand an attempt is made to convert '/' to '\' (UNIX-mode) and a path-name table is used. In addition the pathname can be output to the printer/screen/MIDI port.

Modifies the GEMDOS vector and for TOS <1.06 the reset vector.

Status: PD Cookie, OSBL

Screen Blaster Cookie, OSTT

OverScan TT030 Cookie, OTOS

oTOSis - TOS emulator for Linux/68K

The value contains the version number. Cookie, OV24

OverScan hardcopy driver for 24-pin printers Cookie, oVDI

oVDI - Alternative driver for the NOVA-VDI

Status: not yet published Cookie, OVDJ

OVER_DJT - Overscan hardcopy driver for HP-DeskJet as of V 2.0

© Patrick Dubbrow Cookie, OVEP

Overscan hardcopy driver for 9-pin printers Cookie, OVER

Driver for AutoSwitch OverScan hardware

The cookie contains as a value the (hexadecimal) version number of the OverScan driver. A value of 0x300 represents Version 3.0, for instance.

Modifies GEM, GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS, LINEA, ikbdsys, ipl_4, VBL and reset vectors. Cookie, OVEX

OVER_EXC - OverScan Exception patch Cookie, OVFS

OVER_FSB - OverScan File-selector patch Cookie, OVIM

OVER_24N - Overscan hardcopy driver for 24-pin printers as of V 2.0

© Patrick Dubbrow Cookie, OVLS

OVER_LSB - Overscan patch for DMC Laserbrain laser printer Cookie, OVRD

OVER_RAM - OverScan RAMDisk (iV) Cookie, OVUT

OVERUTIL - Overscan screensaver, desktop clock (mouse speeder iV) Cookie, OVWI

OVER_WIN - OverScan Window-size patch Cookie, PAMN

Driver software for PAM's-Net network Cookie, PAUL

Paula 2 - Amiga-style MODfile-player

Paula plays the so-called 'modfiles' using the STE/TT PCM sound chip. These modfiles, also called 'modules', originate from the Amiga which has a special four-channel PCM soundchip called 'Paula'.

Paula uses the IO7 interrupt of the 68901-MFP. Of course the 'XBRA' protocol is used; its magic is 'PAUL'. Cookie, PBUG


Background debugger, integrated MC680x0 disassembler/Assembler, reset-proof, reset-resident, fully symbolic, comfortable interface.

Vectors that may be modified: All exception vectors, hz_200, keyboard, ring_indicator, etc_critic, resvector.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, PDEB


Modifies the system vectors: 2-10, 13, 14, 24, 33, 34, 45, 46, 48-54, 257 and 258. In the version patched by Dimitri Junker, XBRA is used for this (in the single-monitor version (PD_1.PRG) with the ID 'PDeb' and in the two-monitor version (PD_2.PRG) with the ID 'PDEB').

Source: The patch program lies in the Maus B3, or available from http://www.dimitri-junker.de/software/

Status: Freeware.

The PureDebugger itself is no longer available and was last distributed by ASH. Cookie, PDOS

PowerDOS is a pre-emptive multitasking kernel that replaces GemDOS and fixes all the bugs! Extremely efficient kernel based on OS-9 and Unix. Features shared memory, semaphores, queues, signals, pipes, pseudo TTY's, loadable file systems, loadable device drivers. Doesn't block other processes during disk I/O like some other kernels do. Compatible with all Atari ST/STe/MSTe/TT/Falcon030. Loadable network file system available (commercial) for RS232, MIDI, and LAN.

Modifies vectors: TRAP #1, TRAP #13, Trap #14, MFP (all).

Status: Shareware. Cookie, PDRZ


Mini-hack for specifying a desired return value of the XBIOS function Getrez. Convinces some uncleanly programmed applications. Cookie, PFIX


Remedies an error in the VDI of TOS 3.01). Cookie, Pinp

Driver for inputs from the parallel port

This driver lets the port of another computer look like a printer, using a cable in which Strobe and Busy are crossed over) and permits reading from this port with the BIOS routines.

Modified vectors: $100, $51E, $53E, $55E and $57E. Cookie, PKSH


Modifies _shell_p. Cookie, PMMU

Paged Memory Management Unit reprogrammer

The cookie is created by programs such as Outside or VRAM, that make use of a PMMU present in the system. The value of the cookie is either a NULL-pointer, or represents the entry address of a function handler that enables some MMU-oriented manipulations. A NULL-pointer simply signals the use of the PMMU, which can be a sign for other programs not to install themselves. Cookie, POIS


At each floppy disk change the program automatically compares in the background the boot sector with a virus list that is integrated in Poison!

Hooks into TRAP #13. Cookie, POWM

PowerMouse Cookie, PRCS

CopySTar v4.0

Copying program (as of Version 4.0). Cookie, PRDS

Peter Rohde's Disk Speeder v1.1

Hard disk cache. Cookie, PRMD

MIDIPRT - Current version 0.9

Redirects the BIOS output of the parallel port to the MIDI port. A receiving program on the destination computer then outputs the received data on the printer.

Uses the xbcon... vectors. Cookie, PRN!


Hooks into the BIOS and converts the 'ß' of the ST to the MS-DOS 'ß'. Cookie, PRNß


Hooks into the BIOS and converts the 'ß' of the ST to the MS-DOS 'ß'. Cookie, PRO5


Resident virus check/kill/protect program. Cookie, PROB


Poolware database with various special functions, in particular programmability.

Modifies vectors: TRAP #2, etv_critic, etv_term.

Distribution: PD-Pool, LogicBase Software GbR. Cookie, PROT


Screen utility.

Distribution: Application Systems Heidelberg Cookie, PRTD

Print To Disk V1.10

Redirects the GEMDOS and BIOS outputs for the printer to a file.

Uses vectors: TRAP #1, TRAP #13. Cookie, PRTO

ST-Tools v1.0 Cookie, prtr

Printer driver for adapting the Atari character set to IBM printers

Modifies BIOS-trap. Cookie, PRTR

Protar driver for interchangeable media hard drives Cookie, PSND

ProSound driver Cookie, PSSG

Paint Shop

Modifies hardcopy vector. Cookie, PTOS


Copies TOS to TT-RAM, and so accelerates execution and permits modifications without having to change the ROMs.

Depending on the set options, ROMRAM hooks into the hdv_rw and the reset vector. Planned: Bus error and ikbdsys. Cookie, QIKM

Quick Mouse - Revised version of the mouse speeder from c't. Cookie, QMAC

Quick mouse driver desk accessory

Status: PD. Cookie, QMCP

Quick mouse driver in CHEMPLOT Cookie, QST2

Quick ST 2 Cookie, QST3

Quick ST 3 Cookie, QUAN

QUANTOS - Multi-utility (RAMdisk, spooler, hardcopy)

Modifies: TRAP #1, TRAP #13, MFP parallel port, MFP Timer C, MFP keyboard/MIDI ACIA, etv_term, hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, hdv_mediach, exec_os, dump_vec. Cookie, RAIL

RAIL_MAN - Model railway control

Modifies TRAP #1, MFP CTS and MFP receive buffer full interrupt. Cookie, RaSn

Rational Sounds Cookie, RESG


This is a pogram for monitoring the reset vector ("resvector").

Modifies only the VBL vector.

Status: The program belongs to the BOOT-TOOLS and is Public Domain. Cookie, RFLX

AutoSwitch driver for the REFLEX graphic card from Overscan GdR

Modifies GEM, GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS, LINEA, IPL_4, VBL and RESET vectors. Cookie, RFUS

RUFUS - Shareware terminal program Cookie, RGUS

Argus-XBRA - Shows track/sector addresses

Modifies hdv_rw and Floprd. Cookie, RING

Telephone bell detector Cookie, ROMD

MagiC DOS driver for the ROM module

Use the GEMDOS trap Cookie, ROT8

Rotate Cookie, RPIT

TIMEFIX - fixes GEMDOS time/date globals and IKBD (for TOS 1.04)

Useful for Cubase users



Status: Freeware Cookie, RREG

Restore Register - Saves and restores a0/a1/a2/d1/d2 registers

Hooks into GEMDOS, BIOS, XBIOS and etv_term vector.

Status: Freeware Cookie, RSLT

Driver software for the GengTEC-VGA in monochrome and 16-colour modes

Modifies XBIOS, VBL and GEM vectors. Cookie, RSpd


RS_Speed offers on normal ST's - i.e. 260, 520, 520+, 1040 (also STE), Mega ST (but not STE) - additional Baud rates for the serial port. These Baud rates comprise 38400, 57600 and 115200 Baud. The cookie is set by the accompanying software. Cookie, RSVE


Information: This cookie is created to signal the presence of the RSVE Baud rate extension. RSVE converts 110 Bd->38400, 134 Bd->57600, 150 Bd->115200. At present the value of the cookie is 0. If <>0, this is a pointer to a not yet specified data structure.

Also hooks into TRAP #13 and TRAP #14.

Source: The RSVE construction plan is so-to-speak PD and can be found in various mail-boxes. Cookie, RSVF

DRVIN.PRG - RS-232 Version Fast (HSMODEM)

This cookie contains pointers to chained lists holding the properties of the communication ports (e.g. RS-232) that are usable for data communications etc. The cookie is installed by DRVIN.PRG. The lists are created by the port drivers. A detailed description is given in RSVF_COO.TXT, which is contained in the HSMODA* package.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, RTKC


Modifies ikbd_sys, AES, VDI, GEMDOS and XBIOS vectors. Cookie, RTOB

OptoBell - Alters the presentation of ASCII-BEL

Source: ST-Computer.

Modifies BIOS-trap. Cookie, RWIN

RootWin - Loads a new desktop background

Modifies VDI- and BIOS-trap. Cookie, SAM

System Audio Manager Cookie, SBKM

RING recognition in modem routines Cookie, SBTE

Terminal program Cookie, SBTS

Trap Spy Cookie, SCAH

Speed Cache - Hard disk cache for TOS-versions prior to 1.04

Modifies the BIOS hard disk vectors. Cookie, SCKM


Screen Blaster 3 screen enhancer Cookie, SCRD

Screen To Disk V1.10

Redirects GEMDOS and BIOS output for the console additionally to a file.

Uses vectors: TRAP #1, TRAP #13.

Archive name: SCR2DISK.LZH. Cookie, SCRN

Master-module screen.mmx - Setting of screen scrolling regions Cookie, SCRS

Screen blanker Cookie, SCRW

SCREENWATCH.PRG - Warning tone at 'dirty' screen accesses Cookie, SCSI

SCSIDRV interface Cookie, SCSV

Line Art Screensaver Cookie, SDCH

2C - Second Chance

Changes file deletions with Fdelete to Frename in the folder named -TRASH- in the root directory (if present).

Modifies vector 33 GEMDOS.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, SDES


Desktop utility for installation of a custom desktop background, a new window design, animated system mouse shapes etc.

Modifies vectors: TRAP #2, TRAP #13.

Distribution: LogicBase Software GbR. Cookie, SDsk

Softdisk - Reset-proof, boot-capable RAMdisk

Modifies hdv_bpb, hdv_rw and hdv_mediach. Cookie, SDWN

ScreenDown - Retains screen memory in ST-RAM

Modifies vectors: XBIOS.

Status: Public Domain. Cookie, SELC

File-selector from C-Lab Cookie, SENV

Set Environment Cookie, SFA^


Loading programs for the 8*16 ST system fonts. Cookie, SFIX

Serial Port Fix

Patch program for the serial port (TOS 2.05, TOS 3.01 and TOS 3.05). Cookie, SFMN

SafeMenu Cookie, ShLk

Shift Lock

With ALT+right-Shift one can switch ShiftLock on/off.

Modifies IKBD.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, shlp


This is a TSR that makes the N.AES function shel_help available also under other systems. This provides a simple way to select one of the available viewers for a given type of Help-file format and so achieve a uniform online help.

Hooks only into TraPatch internal XBRA-list.

Status: Freeware Cookie, SKEY

SpecialKeys - Driver for a DTP special keyboard on the MIDI port

Modifies midivec, occupies one VBL-slot.

Status: Commercial product. Cookie, SLCT

Selectric™ - Enhanced file-selector

Modifies TRAP #2 and #13.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, SLif


Input switching for Falcon, belongs to SoundLifter hardware.

Modifies XBIOS-trap. Cookie, SLIP


Socket/UDP/TCP/IP/SLIP implementation for MagiC. Makes the most important network commands available. Cookie, SM00

SOTA - Printer spooler Cookie, SM01

ReProK - Office management DUO (see Cookie, SM02) Cookie, SM02

ReProK international EM-NET II - Database server for the PAMs network

This server consists of two components: PAMSERVE.PRG (AUTO-folder) and PAMSERVE.ACC.

PAMSERVE.PRG installs a new reset vector ($426 resvalid and $42a resvector) with the XBRA-ID SM02 as well as a cookie SM02 for communication with the accessory. Cookie, SMAL

Small AES icon fonts

Holds in the lower-value WORD the height of the AES icon font (SMALL) in pixels (as used by vst_height). The higher-value WORD optionally holds the height of the IBM font. Is to be set by every program that alters the size of the SMALL font (e.g AESFONT by H. Schmidt). More detailed definition in RUBY (M. Nick). Cookie, SMAU

Set Maus accessory Cookie, SMon

SysMon - The system monitor


SM-124 emulator

Modifies AES-, GEMDOS-, BIOS- and XBIOS-trap as well as the exec_os vector. Cookie, SNAP

That's-Snap desk accessory

Modifies hardcopy vector. Cookie, SOFS

Softscreen - Virtual large screen with preview function

Modifies vectors: Line-A, VBL, TRAP #1. TRAP #2, TRAP #13, IKBD/MIDI, scr_dump, mousevec.

Distribution: LogicBase Software GbR. Cookie, SOSW


Multi-switcher with many multitasking possibilities, virtual large screen etc.

Modifies vectors: Line-A, VBL, TRAP #1, TRAP #2, TRAP #13, TRAP #14, Busy-interrupt, Timer A, Timer C, Timer D, ikbdsys, midivec, mousevec, BUTTON CHANGE VECTOR, MOUSE MOVEMENT VECTOR, CURSOR CHANGE VECTOR.

Distribution: LogicBase Software GbR. Cookie, SpcE


Set by AUTO-folder program SPACERES.PRG, which is an alternative and XControl-compatible multitasking control field.

Modifies TRAP #2 (GEM) and Trap #13 (BIOS).

Status: Shareware. Cookie, SPCK

RAMdisk for SPC-Modula Cookie, SPEE

Mouse Speeder

Status: PD. Cookie, SPEK

Driver for the 'Spektrum' graphics cards

Modifies timer-interrupt and mouse routine. Cookie, SPEX

Steve's Printing Exzessory 2.0

Printer spooler for ST/STE and TT.

Modifies BIOS-trap, BIOS output vectors and BUSY-interrupt. Cookie, spMR

Printer- and file-spooler Cookie, Spol

SPOOL.PRG - Flexible printer spooler

Hooks (on demand) into TRAP #1, #13, MFP-Parallel Port Interrupt, prt_stat, prt_vec and in the VBL-Queue (and, if the cookie jar has to be created, also in the Reset vector).

Status: Shareware. Cookie, SPRG


Launches programs by function key presses under old desktop versions.

Uses temporarily TRAP #1 and TRAP #2. Cookie, SR17

Pointer to the base of the SST cockpit. Cookie, SSND


PETRA installs a cookie (SSND) which is used by PAULA to tell PETRA what to play with which sample frequency.

PETRA changes some vectors using XBRA. The identification used is SSND.

PETRA uses Timer A to do the sample output. The keyboard interrupt routine is changed to allow sample outputs while the mouse is moved.

Keyclick & Bell are possible, but PETRA turns them off. Use the control panel to turn them on again. Cookie, ST-C

ST-Cache - Caching program

Modifies hdv_rw and hdv_mediach. Cookie, ST17


This emulates a part (30.5) of the 68020 instructions on a 68000.

Modifies the exception vectors 3 and 4. Cookie, STAT


Statistical evaluation of BIOS-, XBIOS- and GEMDOS-calls.

Source: Appeared in ST-Magazin. Cookie, STEM

STEmulator Cookie, STEW


A Shareware program that furnishes MagiC (as of v3.00) with some optical features of MacOs 8 (Copland) (e.g. rotating grow/shrink- boxes, grey menus)

Modifies vector: TRAP #2 Cookie, STFA

Sound driver for Atari Cookie, StIc

Stewart Icon-server

In conjunction with Stewart, in place of the MagiC logo a (colour) icon appears in the menu bar - a different one for each installed application. Cookie, STiK

ST Internet Kit Cookie, STMS

Screendump utility

Source: ST-Magazin 2/1990.

Modifies the hardcopy vector. Cookie, strk

StarTrack XBIOS extension Cookie, STRX


Driver for controlling antenna positioning in a satellite observation program. Cookie, SupV

SuperVidel is present. Cookie, SVAR

Shows MacMiNT

Indicates that the computer is running under MacMiNT (i.e. that no access to system variables apart from p_cookies is possible). Cookie, SVGA

Super VGA emulator Cookie, SWAP

OUTSIDE.PRG - Virtual memory management for TT Cookie, SwTm

Show Time - The ultimate informative clock

Runs in all Atari resolutions. Shows the time, free RAM (also with MagiC), the date, CapsLock-/DCF status etc.

Hotkeys for clock-switching with Turbo cards or Mega STEs. CapsLock LED. With INF file, display and Turbo on/off-switchable, movable.

The cookie points to a data structure with which ShowTime can be swiched on/off.

Modifies vectors: GEMDOS-trap, VDI/AES-trap, IKBD.

Copyright status: Freeware/Postcardware. Cookie, SYMB

Resident Symbol Driver (1.23)

Redirects the GEMDOS-routines Pexec, Pterm, Pterm0 and Mfree to its own routines. At each Pexec call a check is made if the program to be launched contains a symbol table. If so, then first the symbol table and then the program will be loaded, where the symbols will be adapted with the corresponding values from the TEXT-, DATA- and BSS-segments. Calls of Pterm, Pterm0 or Mfree (Chameleon) ensure that the table is removed from memory again. The cookie points to a chained list of symbol tables, with whose aid symbolic debugging of memory-resident programs is possible (for instance in connection with TempleMon as of V2.02).

Modifies vectors: TRAP #1.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, SYNL

Dynamic Link Library driver Cookie, SYNT

Syntex - Optical character recognition, Marvin AG

Keyboard simulation: TOS 1.0: BIOS; non-TOS 1.0: xconstat and xconin of console; joystick. Cookie, SysE

System Editor - Manages and inserts alterations into the operating system Cookie, Syso

ST Sysop - PC-Net compatible mailbox for Atari

Modifies various exception vectors, BIOS vectors and one entry of the VBL-queue. Cookie, SYST

Systime - Utilization display in the menu bar

Modifies vector 256 (etv_timer).

Status: Freeware Cookie, SZ_M

Dynamic Mouse speeder

Source: NICKEL@MAFIA.ZER, /usergroups-lokal/st/file-system@MAFIA.ZER

Modified: mousevec (XBIOS 34 Kbdvbase). Cookie, S_DR

CD-ROM SCSI driver Cookie, T206


Corrects errors in the Disk-BIOS of TOS 2.06/3.06 and enables correct ED handling with Getbpb.

Modifies hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, hdv_mediach.

Status: Public Domain. Cookie, T2GM



Die Gadgets MegaTalk ist eine Karte für den Megabus und besitzt zwei serielle Schnittstellen. Sie sind kompatible mit den des Macintosh Puls und können vom Spectre 128/GCR genutzt werden. Im Atarimodus können sie als normale Schnittstellen genutzt werden.

Der Cookie TALK zeigt auf folgenden Struktur:

  int16_t  version;     /* Driver version number in TOS format (0x0100 = 1.0) */
  int32_t *p_txbint;    /* Pointer Port B transmit interrupt handler    */
  int32_t *p_exbint;    /* Pointer Port B ext/status interrupt handler  */
  int32_t *p_rxbint;    /* Pointer Port B receive interrupt handler     */
  int32_t *p_specb;     /* Pointer Port B special interrupt handler     */
  int32_t *p_txaint;    /* Pointer Port A transmit interrupt handler    */
  int32_t *p_exaint;    /* Pointer Port A ext/status interrupt handler  */
  int32_t *p_rxaint;    /* Pointer Port A receive interrupt handler     */
  int32_t *p_speca;     /* Pointer Port A special interrupt handler     */
  int32_t *p_ahighin;   /* Pointer Port A high speed input routine      */
  int32_t *p_bhighin;   /* Pointer Port B high speed input routine      */
  int32_t *p_ahighout;  /* Pointer Port A high speed output routine     */
  int32_t *p_bhighout;  /* Pointer Port B high speed output routine     */
  int32_t  highbuf;     /* High speed I/O buffer address                */
  int16_t  highlen;     /* High speed I/O buffer lenght                 */
  int8_t   ack;         /* Optional transmitter ACK Byte                */
  int8_t   res;         /* Unused/reserved                              */
  int32_t  p_baudrate;  /* Pointer to baud rate table                   */
} Cookie, TAPE

Tape-BIOS Cookie, TASS

Turbo-Assembler Cookie, TCFS

Turbo-C File-Selector as desk accessory

Modifies the GEM-trap. Cookie, TCRB

Turbo Cache - Hard disk cache

Hooks into hdv_bpb, hdv_mediach, hdv_rw and TRAP #13. Cookie, Tenv

Belongs to terminal program TRAPIDO

Sets enviroment from the AUTO-folder.

Modifies exec_os. Cookie, TFIX

XBRA-version of the TOS 1.04 fix program from Atari

Modifies XBIOS, LINEF and RESET vectors. Cookie, THNX

THINX (Shell)

Character filter for print output. The program is being developed further under the name Chatwin (see CHTW).

Modifies the BIOS vector. Cookie, THRM

Evaluates Temperature data via the ST's printer port

Modifies den MFP Busy interrupt vector. The original value of the vector is not contained in the XBRA structure.

Status: Freeware. Cookie, THST

TurboHST - Enhanced serial driver with special options for USR HST modems

Modifies MFP vectors: Mfp: Timer C, ACIAs, RS cts, RS s.err, RS s.buf, RS r.err, RS r.buf. Cookie, TIM3

TIMEDRV3.PRG - Corner clock and active disk drive/direction display Cookie, TIM5

TIMEDRV5.PRG - Same as TIMEDRV3.PRG but with screen protector Cookie, TIME

Led Panel Time

The "TIME"-cookie contains a pointer to a WORD-sized variable with the current time in the Tgettime format. Cookie, TK40

MC68040 ToolKit Cookie, TL3D

BIOS-driver for addressing a third floppy drive. Also supports 40-track disks (5.25") in an 80-track drive without special hardware switching.

Modifies vectors: XBIOS. Cookie, TLWV


Retrofits the missing WVBL-routine for the MEGA4000 adapter in NVDI.

Modifies vectors: XBIOS. Cookie, Tmon

Templemon - Indispensable debugger Cookie, tmsW

TMS Wacom-Treiber

typedef struct
  int8_t pressure;       /* Aktueller Andruck */
  int8_t driver_running; /* Flag ob Wacom_Treiber läuft */
  int8_t limit;          /* Schwelle für Emulation der linken Maustaste */
  int8_t pen;            /* Flag ob pressure Mode eingeschaltet oder nicht */
  int8_t lmb;            /* Flag ob Emulation der linken Maustaste eingeschaltet */

In pressure steht der aktuelle Andruck. Er bewegt sich zwischen MIN_PRESS(=0) und MAX_PRESS(=60). Falls der Stift außerhalb der Tablettreichweite ist steht dort NO_PRESS(=-64).

driver_running ist 1, wenn der Wacom-Tabletttreiber aktiv ist. 0 wenn sonst.

limit ist die Andruckschwelle ab der bei eingeschalteter linker Maustasten-emulation ein Klick mit der linkem Maustaste simuliert wird.

In der Variablen pen steht ob der Drucksensitive Modus aktiviert ist (PRESSURE_MODE='1') oder nicht (STANDARD_MODE='0').

lmb ist 1, wenn die linke Maustastenemulation eingeschaltet ist. 0 wenn sonst.

ACHTUNG: COOKIE_WACOM ist eine read-only Struktur => niemals hineinschreiben! Cookie, TOpW

Top Manager Watcher

Modifies etv_critic. Cookie, TOUC


This sets the filedate of a modified file to the current system date (so date corresponds to last modified, instead of created).

Intercepts Fopen, Fclose, Fwrite from GEMDOS.

Source: Included in the Shareware tape-streamer software `GEMAR'. Cookie, TPat

TOS Patch for vr_trnfm

Corrects the int-overflow error in the vr_trnfm routine of TOS.

Modifies VDI/AES- and BIOS-traps. Cookie, TPGM

TraPatch - See TraP

(Only used in TraPatch-internal XBRA-list). Cookie, TRAK

Track-Speed - Simple mouse speeder

Hooks into mouse vector. Cookie, TraP


This enables hooking into individual operating system calls, so that it is no longer necessary to hook into a trap and through this slow down other OS calls. Internal XBRA chains are used for which the XBRA IDs of this list are valid!

Modifies vectors: GEMDOS, GEM, (X)BIOS.

Copyright: Freeware Cookie, Trpp

Trapper is a program that greatly simplifies the developent of system extensions for programmers.

Trapper hooks itself into the BIOS, XBIOS, GEMDOS, VDI and AES. As interface to Trapper the XBIOS function number 555 was chosen. Cookie, TRUE

TrueDisk - A fast, resident RAMdisk, Version 2.2 (2.1.94)

Modified via XBRA: hdv_bpb, hdv_rw, hdv_mediach.

Status: PD. Cookie, TSEN

TSE Net - Network from Inotec Cookie, TSWP

TonySoft Write Protection

Protects logical drives from write accesses, and hooks into the hdv_rw vector for this. Cookie, TTTF

TT2TF - "Thirty-Two to Twenty-Four"

With this the TT is adjusted to a 24-bit address bus, so that TEMPUS, for instance, can run on it. The cookie points to a routine with which one can switch between a 24- and 32-bit address bus. Cookie, TUBS

TUBS - The Ultimate Boot Selector Cookie, TWFS

That's Write File-Selector accessory

Modifies TRAP #2. Cookie, Typ1

Daisywheel printer - Desk accessory

Hooks into PRN-OUT, PRN-OUTSTAT and VBL vector. Cookie, UFSL

Extended Universal Font Selector

See also: The UFSL interface. Cookie, UIS3

Universal Item Selector 3. Cookie, UKB1

Fastload Cookie, UKB3

Fastload & MIDI Through Cookie, UN*X


Converts UNIX filenames for all GEMDOS calls to a GEMDOS-conforming format (at present only '/' to '\').

Occupies TRAP #1. Cookie, USCK


Checks various system vectors and the VBL-queue after every program termination (i.e. also after a crash). If a vector points to a memory block that lies within the terminating program, then this vector will be deleted (VBL) or hooked out of (XBRA) or placed on an RTE (if no XBRA). Cookie, USHD

HDDRIVER.PRG - Diskus hard disk driver as of Version 2.5 Cookie, UsNm

User-Name cookie - Makes the user name available as a cookie Cookie, USPK


Program for the AUTO-folder to support the AUTOPARK accessory in versions < 4.0. AUTOPARK parks hard drives automatically after a given time has pased since the last access. An XHDI-compatible hard disk driver is required.

(AUTOPARK is a part of the HDDRIVER hard disk software.) Cookie, USRS


On 68030-machines moves the contents of the ROMs to RAM.

Source: Contained in the 'Outside' package. If necessary it is also created by Outside. Cookie, USSC

NF_SCSI - SCSI Driver for Hatari and ARAnyM Cookie, UTRK

Ultimate Tracker Cookie, VBLF

VBLFIX.PRG for Falcon030

Corrects the VBL-interrupt on SM124/44/46 monitors that is triggered too frequently (result: too fast cursor blinking, Maccel saves too early or possibly even more).

Modified vectors: VBL vector (0x70). Cookie, VDIp

VDI performance logger Cookie, VDLY

Videlity - Resolution enhancer for Falcon030

Videlity allows vastly increased resolution desktops on (S)VGA monitors. It was designed to provide access to the high resolution TrueColor VGA modes which Nemesis makes possible. Cookie, VECS

Vecshow - Displays system vectors

Modifies: Bus-error. Cookie, VeiL

Turbo Veille Cookie, VFIX


Patch to remove the handle problem described in ST-Magazin 1/90 in the VDI of TOS 1.0, TOS 1.04, TOS 1.06, TOS 1.62 and TOS 2.05.

Modifies the TRAP #2 vector. Cookie, VFNT


Allows replacing the AES or application font by any desired GDOS font.

Modifies vectors: VDI (TRAP #2), v_opnwk, v_opnvwk and vst_load_fonts.

Copyright: Freeware. Cookie, VGAS

VGA Simulator

This simulates the five lower screen resolutions (VGA resolutions) on the Atari TT030 in the TT-high resolution.

Modified via XBRA: BIOS-, XBIOS- and GEM-trap, but depending on requirement also more.

Status: Version 1.08 (30.1.94), Shareware. Cookie, VI-2

Videl Inside Cookie, View

View protocol Cookie, VIRA


A resident program that checks inserted floppy disks for executable boot sectors.

Modifies vector: hdv_bpb. Cookie, VMEM

VMEM.PRG - Provides virtual memory for every Atari computer

Naturally it does not emulate an MMU, but thanks to the function interface one can manage a "manually" controled virtual memory, which in addition really works on every computer. The cookie value is the address of the function handler.

All routines (Pure-C source) are freely available. Archive VMEM11.ZIP. Cookie, VPCH


This hooks itself into TRAP #2, intercepts the VDI raster-copy calls and looks to see if LogBase or PhysBase is entered in fd_addr. If so, it will be replaced by NULL. Cookie, VRAM

VRAM - Virtual memory management for TT030 Cookie, VREP

Vector Guard - Reset-proof resident program that supervises system vectors

Modifies vector: resvector. Cookie, VSco

Virus Scope

Source: Maxon PD-Disk 227. Cookie, VSCR

Virtual Screen structure

The cookie contains a pointer to a structure that makes information available about the visible portion of the screen. Cookie, VSTM

Transfer (via MIDI)

Status: PD. Cookie, vT52

Identifies the CyReL VT52 emulator for the CyReL M16-1280 TrueColor graphics cards.

Uses one VBL slot and entered in constat vector. Cookie, VTFX

VT52FIX.PRG for Falcon030

Corrects the errors in the VT52 emulator of the Falcon TOS (faulty Esc-sequences and scrolling).

Modified vectors: xconout for CON and RAWCON. Cookie, VXCK

VoxClock - Talking clock for DMA-sound

Modifies GEMDOS Timer vector, DMA active interrupt and IKBD clock- packet handler. Cookie, WaHW

Created and used by HIGH_WAY.ACC

Status: Shareware. Cookie, WARP

Warp 9 accelerator Cookie, WaSA


This is a multi-ACC that uses this cookie ID for communication.

Status: Shareware Cookie, WBrd

Bird's Wing Cookie, wdlg

WDIALOG.PRG - Window dialog library for standard-TOS (compatible to MagiC 4.0)

Modifies: TRAP #2 (VDI/AES), TRAP #13

Status: Freeware. Cookie, WDOG

Watchdog (1.21)

In connection with the "Resident Symbol Driver" this utility allows profiling on a time basis, so one can establish which function of a program swallows the most computation time. However, to be able to subdivide the code in functions, a symbol table has to be present. The cookie jar is required to be able to contro the functions of the memory-resident program with the control desk accessory.

Modifies vectors: MFP-interrupt 13 (Timer A). Cookie, WEGA

This is used by the WEGA libraries (dialog boxes etc.). Cookie, WfNa


This extends MagiC by a special function which allows other programs to inquire the window title of any window.

For programmers: Cookie, WFSL

WFSEL - Window File-SeLector

Modifies AES-trap and BIOS-trap.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, WICO

WINCOM - The Window Commander (only for MagiC as of V2.0)

This offers the MagiC popup functions from hotkeys, also real-time functions for windows, windows operable from the keyboard, ACCs can be called from the keyboard.

Modifies vectors 33 (GEMDOS), 34 (AES), 256 (etv_timer), 258 (etv_term), Kbdvbase->ikbdsys and Kbdvbase->mousevec.

Status: Shareware. Cookie, WinK


This makes system-wide control of windows available (close, move, backdrop, un-/all-/iconify, full, scrolling, size) via Control+number- keypad shortcuts. TraPatch is a prerequisite!

Modifies vectors: evnt_multi, wind_set (TraPatch!).

Status: Freeware. Cookie, WINX


Luftschloß/WINZ RAMdisk (from the book Scheibenkleister) Cookie, WPRO

Write Protect - Software-moderated write-protection for any logical drives

Modified: hdv_rw. Cookie, WRAP

WM.PRG - WrapMouse

Driver for serial MS-DOS mice, joystick mouse, mouse speeder and wrapper.

Modifies vectors: ST-MFP I12 ($130); TT-MFP I12 ($170); SCC vectors at $190, $198, $1b0 and $1b8; mouse (KBDVECS.mousevec); GEMDOS.

Status: Version 1.0 is/was distributed by TOS-Magazin. Version 1.5 is/was Shareware (originally DM 30.-). Cookie, XALT

AlberTT GFX card driver Cookie, XBTN

Mouse speeder routine from XBOOT Cookie, XDsk

The cookie identifies the X-Disk (reset-proof RAMdisk with all kinds of baubles and tomfoolery). The value contains a bit-vector which specifies all devices that are controlled by the X-Disk (similar to the system variable _drvbits). Cookie, XFRB

Extended Fast-RAM Buffer

The cookie is created by the hard disk driver HDDRIVER, amongst others, and points to the following structure:

typedef struct xfrb
   int16_t version;   /* Version number in BCD format */
   int8_t  *xflock;   /* Semaphore                    */
   int8_t  *buffer;   /* Buffer address               */
   int32_t size;      /* Buffer size                  */
   xfrb    *next;     /* Pointer to next XFRB         */
} XFRB; Cookie, XFS1

Master-module xfs.mmx - Extended file-system for TOS

Modifies GEMDOS-trap. Cookie, xFSL

Extended Font-Selector

The cookie signals the presence of a system-wide font-selector with extended functionality (compared to UFSL). First used by the font- selectors Calvino (Freeware from Dirk Haun) and HuGo! (Freeware from Stefan Rogel). The description of the interface is included in both font-selector packages. Cookie, Xgem

Windframe Xgem manager for MagiC 6 Cookie, XHDI

XHDI - eXtended Hard Disk Interface driver

The cookie points to the address of a function that makes mass-storage oriented functions available.

See also: XHDI cookie   XHDI specification Cookie, XKBD

Extended Keyboard - current version

Originally published in ST-Computer 6/1988. Cookie, XMMU

TK40's interface for PMMU setting Cookie, XMuz

Ultra Player Cookie, xNet

xNet-ST - Low-cost network Cookie, XPCI

XBIOS functions for PCI-BIOS

See also: PCI-BIOS   Cookie _PCI Cookie, xRmt

xRemote.prg, xRMaster.prg, xRemAcc.acc

Remote maintenance via modem.

Modifies vectors: TRAP #2, TRAP #3, TRAP #13, Kbdvbase-ikbdsys, hz200 ($114.w)... Cookie, XSDD

Extended Serial Device Driver


As is generally known, the ability of TOS to service the serial ports is very restricted:

During the development of a serial driver for MiNT, which was to remedy these weaknesses, the idea arose to make the extended functio- nality available under pure TOS as well. This is the first suggestion how this could look. Essentially, the low-level routines of the MiNT driver are made accessible from the outside via a cookie. Conceivably it would be possible also to completely divorce the two levels and to sit the MiNT driver on top of a separate TOS driver.

The XSDD protocol

The XSDD protocol supports devices 6 up to <maptabsize+5> inclusive managed via Bconmap (provided the underlying TOS makes them available) as well as the device 1 (AUX). Operations on AUX always refer to the Bconmap device active at the time XSDD is called. In future it is possible for technical reasons that AUX will only be supported if the underlying TOS has no Bconmap.

The driver installs a cookie "XSDD". The cookie points to the jump-in point of the XSDD driver. Immediately before the routine (that is at offset -4 before the address from the cookie) there is, for the sake of safety, once more the LONG constant "XSDD".

Call: The function that is to be performed is specified by an opcode (WORD). This opcode is the first argument for each call. If an invalid code is specified, then EINVFN is returned.

The passing of all parameters follows the GEMDOS convention, i.e. on the stack. The return value will lie in d0. Apart from d0 no registers are altered. Calling XSDD must be exclusively in supervisor mode.

At the time of writing the functions listed below are foreseen (the opcodes have still to be allocated). For the parameter types the following convention applies:

BYTE:  8-Bit  character
WORD:  16-Bit signed integer
UWORD: 16-Bit unsigned integer
LONG:  32-Bit signed integer
WORD XSVersion(void)

Returns the version number of the protocol implemented by the XSDD driver, major-version in the high byte, minor version in the low byte (example: 0x0102 corresponds to Version 1.2). This number is not meant to reflect the version of the driver program, but only that of the implemented protocol.
Return value:
Protocol version.

WORD XSDriverInfo(BYTE *info, LONG *product, WORD *version)

This call returns an info-string, a product identifier, as well as the version of the relevant driver program. info here must point to a buffer at least 80 bytes long in which the NULL- terminated info-string will be entered (the string may contain the author and the name of the driver, for instance). In the LONG to which product points the product ID will be entered, and in the WORD to which version points, the driver version.
Return value:

WORD XSDevName(WORD device, BYTE *name)

Obtains the name of the port belonging to the BIOS device (e.g. "Modem1"). name must point to an array at least 9 bytes long, in which the NULL-terminated name will be entered.
Return value:
0 on success
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSReserve(WORD device)

Reserve device. This is an "advisory" locking, i.e. depends on every program inquiring about the lock and voluntarily forgoing any further accesses if the device has been allocated already. Every program has to perform this call before any kind of access to the device is made. If the device was still free, then it will be reserved after the call. If it was reserved already, an error-code will be returned; in that case there should be no further accesses to the device.
Return value:
0 - The device is now reserved
EACCDN - The device was reserved already
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSRelease(WORD device)

Release device again. This call may be made only if a successful XSReserve was perfomed (with return value 0).
If an XSCtlSig routine was initialized on the device, then it will be released automatically.
Return value:
0 on success
EACCDN - If the device was not reserved
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSCapMap(WORD device)

Inquires various attributes of the driver and device. If no error occurs, a bit-vector will be returned. The following bits are defined at present:

  #define XS_BREAK  0x01   /* Device can send
                              Break */
  #define XS_RTSCTS 0x02   /* Device understands
                              RTS/CTS handshaking */
  #define XS_TANDEM 0x04   /* Device understands
                              XON/XOFF handshaking */
  #define XS_IOBAUD 0x08   /* Device understands various
                              I- and O- Baud rates */

  #define XS_BIOSRW 0x8000 /* Driver uses
                              BIOS for read/write */

All other bits are reserved and should be ignored for the time being.
Return value:
>=0 (LONG!) - Available attributes
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSIBaud(WORD device, LONG baudrate)

Set/inquire the input Baud rate (more exactly: bps) of the specified device. The Baud rate is given uncoded in plain text (so for instance 38400L corresponds to 38400 bps). If -1L is specified, the Baud rate is not altered (only inquired). If a Baud rate is requested that is not available on the device, then the next lower available rate will be set and returned.
Most devices do not support separate Baud rates for input and output. In that case an XSIBaud call changes the output Baud rate at the same time (this can be inquired for with XSCapMap).
Return value:
>0 - Set Baud rate
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Anmerkung: Durch die Rückgabe der nächst niedrigen verfügbaren Baudrate kann der Aufrufer alle für dieses Device verfügbaren Baudraten durch "Abklappern" von oben nach unten ermitteln.

LONG XSOBaud(WORD device, LONG baudrate)

Set/inquire the output Baud rate (more exactly: bps) of the specified device. Functioning is otherwise similar to XSIBaud.
Most devices do not support separate Baud rates for input and output. In that case an XSOBaud call changes the input Baud rate at the same time (this can be inquired for with XSCapMap).
Return value:
>0 - Set Baud rate
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSBreak(WORD device, WORD on)

Set/clear a BREAK on the device. If on in non-zero, BREAK will be set, else cleared. If the device does not understand BREAK, the call will be ignored.
Return value:
0 on success
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSSetFlags(WORD device, UWORD flags)

Set transmission parameters. Attempts to make settings that are not possible on the device (i.e. those reported by XSCapMap as not available) are ignored. flags contains the setting in the following coding (corresponds to those of TIOCGFLAGS-Fcntl of MiNT):
Mask: TF_STOPBITS 0x0003
0x0000 Invalid
0x0001 1 stop-bit
0x0002 1.5 stop-bit
0x0003 2 stop-bit
Mask: TF_CHARBITS 0x000C
0x0000 8 bits per character
0x0004 7 bits per character
0x0008 6 bits per character
0x000C 5 bits per character
Mask: TF_PARITY 0xc000
0x0000 No parity
0x4000 Even parity
0x8000 Odd parity
0xc000 Invalid
Further bits:
T_TANDEM 0x1000 XON/XOFF Handshake
T_RTSCTS 0x2000 RTS/CTS Handshake
All remaining bits are reserved and should be 0.
Return value:
>=0 (LONG!) - The flags set before the call
ERANGE - Invalid parameter were found
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSGetFlags(WORD device)

Inquire transmission parameters.
Return value:
>=0 (LONG!) - Set parameters (coding see XSSetFlags).
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSCtlMap(WORD device)

Inquire control lines available on the device. If no error arises, a bit-vector is returned in which the relevant bit is 1 for available control lines, and 0 for those not available. The following bits are defined:

  #define TIOCM_LE  0x01        /* line enable */
  #define TIOCM_DTR 0x02        /* data terminal ready */
  #define TIOCM_RTS 0x04        /* ready to send */
  #define TIOCM_CTS 0x08        /* clear to send */
  #define TIOCM_CAR 0x10        /* carrier detect */
  #define TIOCM_RNG 0x20        /* ring */
  #define TIOCM_DSR 0x40        /* data set ready */

All other bits are reserved and should be ignored until further notice.
Return value:
>=0 (LONG!) - Available control lines
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Note: The values may still be changed in order to adapt them to the (hopefully soon determined) definitions of the corresponding MiNT Fcntl.

LONG XSGetCtl(WORD device)

Inquire status of the control lines (DCD, RI etc.). If no error arises, a bit-vector is returned (coding as in XSCtlMap). The bits are 1 if the corresponding line is active, else 0.
Return value:
>=0 (LONG!) - Status of the control lines
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSSetCtl(WORD device, UWORD ctl)

Set control lines. Coding again as in XSCtlMap. Some lines (e.g. CTS) are read-only and hence cannot be affected (that should be clear from the context). Attempts to affect these, and those lines that are not supported by the device (i.e. those reported by XSCapMap as not available) are ignored.
Return value:
0 bei Erfolg
EUNDEV - Ungültiges Device

WORD XSOnCtl(WORD device, UWORD on_mask)

Activate the control lines whose bit is set in on_mask, without affecting the others. Otherwise the same conditions apply as for XSSetCtl.
Return value:
0 on success
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSOffCtl(WORD device, UWORD off_mask)

Deactivate the control lines whose bit is set in off_mask, without affecting the others. Otherwise the same conditions apply as for XSSetCtl.
Return value:
0 on success
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSInStat(WORD device)

Obtain the number of characters that are currently available on the device for reading. The returned value need not be exact. It only guarantees that the next read access can read at least that many bytes, but it could be more.
Return value:
>=0 - Number of available characters
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSOutStat(WORD device)

Obtain the number of characters that are currently available on the device for writing. The returned value need not be exact. It only guarantees that the next write access can output at least that many bytes, but it could be more.
Return value:
>=0 - Number of characters that can be output
EUNDEV - Invalid device

LONG XSRead(WORD device, LONG count, BYTE *buffer)

Read a maximum of count characters from the memory block speci- fied in buffer. If that many characters are not available at the time, XSRead returns immediately (non-blocking).
Return value:
>=0 - Number of characters that were read
EUNDEV - Ungültiges Device
Weitere (negative) TOS-Fehlernummern bei I/O-fehlern

LONG XSWrite(WORD device, LONG count, BYTE *buffer)

Write count characters from the memory block specified in buffer to the device. If that many characters could not be written at the time, XSWrite returns immediately (non-blocking).
Return value:
>=0 - Number of characters that were written
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Further (negative) TOS error-messages at I/O-errors

WORD XSFlush(WORD device, WORD mode)

Discard characters remaining in the driver's buffer. mode speci- fies more exactly what is to be discarded:
0: Discard characters that have been received but not yet read out
1: Discard characters that have been written but not yet sent
2: Discard all characters still buffered
If the operation is not possible on the device, the call is ignored.
Return value:
0 on success
ERANGE - If mode is not 0, 1 or 2
EUNDEV - Invalid device

WORD XSInSig(WORD device, void (*func)(WORD device))

Directs the driver to start up the function specified by func as soon as a new character has arrived from the device. For this the routine is passed the device number on the stack. The speci- fied routine is most probably called from within an interrupt. Accordingly it may not alter any registers and should be as short as possible. The routine is called just once, thereafter XSInSig is deactivated again automatically. If an XSInSig was already active before the call, the new one will not be installed and EACCDN will be returned.
If a NULL-pointer is passed for func, a previously set XSInSig will be annulled.
XSInSig need not be available on every device; in that case EINVFN will be returned.
Return value:
0 - on success
EINVFN - Device does not support XSInSig
EACCDN - There is already an XSInSig active
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Note: This function is intended mainly for implementation in MiNT drivers and should not be used by application programs.

WORD XSOutSig(WORD device, void (*func)(WORD device))

Directs the driver to start up the function specified by func as soon as a new character can be output to the device. The functionality is otherwise similar to XSInSig.
If a NULL-pointer is passed for func, a previously set XSOutSig will be annulled.
XSOutSig need not be available on every device; in that case EINVFN will be returned.
Return value:
0 - on success
EINVFN - Device does not support XSOutSig
EACCDN - There is already an XSOutSig active
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Note: This function is intended mainly for implementation in MiNT drivers and should not be used by application programs.

LONG XSCtlSig(WORD device, UWORD ctl_mask, void (*func)(WORD device, UWORD ctl))

Directs the driver to start up the function specified by func as soon as the state of a control line specified in ctl_mask has altered (coding as stated in XSCtlMap). For this the routine is passed on the stack the device number and a bit-vector in which the bit of the triggered control line is set. The specified routine is most probably called from within an interrupt. Accordingly it may not alter any registers and should be as short as possible. The routine is called just once, thereafter XSCtlSig is deactivated again automatically.
If an XSCtlSig was already active before the call, the new one will not be installed and EACCDN will be returned.
If a NULL-pointer is passed for func, a previously set XSCtlSig will be annulled.
XSCtlSig need not be available on every device; in that case EINVFN will be returned. Equally it need not be available for all of the available control lines. If there are control lines specified in ctl_mask that are not supported by XSCtlSig, they will be ignored. Which lines are actually reacted to can be seen from the return value.
As soon as a device is released with XSRelease, any XCtlSig still installed on it will be deinstalled automatically.
Return value:
>0 (LONG!) - Mask with the control lines actually taken into account
EINVFN - Device does not support XSCtlSig
EACCDN - There is already an XSCtlSig active
EUNDEV - Invalid device
Note: This function can be used, for instance, to oversee effi- ciently the RI or DCD lines (one installs a routine in which the program sets a flag and then interrogates this periodically). WARNING: A program using this function may not forget on any account to annul the XSCtlSig before termination. Cookie, XSND

Digi-Sound - Digital sound generation via the operating system on every ST/E and TT030

Hooks into XBIOS and etv_term. Cookie, XSSI

Extended Screen Saver Information

See also: XSSI protocol Cookie, XTOS

Extend TOS Cookie, xUAG

From the graphiccard MegaVision300. Cookie, xUFC

Extended Universal Font-Selector Configuration program Cookie, XWin

Extended-Windows module Cookie, zCAC

680x0 Cache Control CPX Cookie, zDCF

DCF_TIME receiver

The program decodes the signals of a DCF77 radio receiver in the background.

Uses vectors: TRAP #1, TRAP #14, joyvec (Kbdvbase), Resetvector (if the cookie jar is installed anew).

Status: Freeware Cookie, _5MS

On Atari hardware, the 200 Hz system timer is implemented with the MFP Timer C. Its interrupt vector is located at address 0x114.

On non-Atari hardware, the 200 Hz system timer is implemented differently, and may use a different interrupt vector. In this case, the _5MS cookie is set with the address of that vector. Then it can be used by FreeMiNT to hook the system timer on non-Atari hardware. Cookie, _AFM

Audio Fun Machine Cookie, _AKP

Keyboard layout and language of country configuration

The cookie provides information about the language of the country and the keyboard layout of the system. The bits 0-7 provide info about the layout of the keyboard. These are:

0 = USA
1 = Germany
2 = France
3 = England
4 = Spain
5 = Italy
6 = Sweden
7 = (French) Switzerland
8 = (German) Switzerland
9 = Turkey
10 = Finland
11 = Norway
12 = Denmark
13 = Saudi Arabia
14 = Holland
15 = CSSR
16 = Hungary
17 = Poland
18 = Lituania
19 = Russia
20 = Estonia
21 = Bialorus
22 = Ukraina
23 = Slovakia
24 = Romania
25 = Bulgaria
26 = Slovenia
27 = Croatia
28 = Serbia
29 = Montenegro
30 = Macedonia
31 = Greece
32 = Latvia
33 = Israel
34 = South Africa
35 = Portugal
36 = Belgium
37 = Japan
38 = China
39 = Korea
40 = Vietnam
41 = India
42 = Iran
43 = Mongolia
44 = Nepal
45 = Laos
46 = Kambodja
47 = Indonesia
48 = Bangladesh

The bits 8-15 identify the language of the country. These are:

0 = USA
1 = Germany
2 = France
3 = England
4 = Spain
5 = Italy
6 = Sweden
7 = (French) Switzerland
8 = (German) Switzerland
9 = Turkey
10 = Finland
11 = Norway
12 = Denmark
13 = Saudi Arabia
14 = Holland
15 = CSSR
16 = Hungary
17 = Poland
18 = Lituania
19 = Russia
20 = Estonia
21 = Bialorus
22 = Ukraina
23 = Slovakia
24 = Romania
25 = Bulgaria
26 = Slovenia
27 = Croatia
28 = Serbia
29 = Montenegro
30 = Macedonia
31 = Greece
32 = Latvia
33 = Israel
34 = South Africa
35 = Portugal
36 = Belgium
37 = Japan
38 = China
39 = Korea
40 = Vietnam
41 = India
42 = Iran
43 = Mongolia
44 = Nepal
45 = Laos
46 = Kambodja
47 = Indonesia
48 = Bangladesh

The upper WORD is reserved for future use. Cookie, _CF_

ColdFire CPU Cookie, _CPU

Processor type

0 = MC-68000
10 = MC-68010
20 = MC-68020
30 = MC-68030
40 = MC-68040
60 = MC-68060 Cookie, _DOS

GEMDOS entry point (in GEMDOS 0.30). Cookie, _FDC

Floppy disk controller

The cookie is normally installed by the driver software for floppy disk controllers of higher write-densities. The upper byte provides information about the type of highest write-density in the system. This can be:

0 = Normal floppy interface (e.g. 720 kbyte disk)
1 = High Density (HD - 1,44 MByte)
2 = Extra High Density (ED - 2,88 MByte)
>2 = Reserved  

The remaining three bytes provide information about who has set the cookie.

$000000 No information
$415443 »ATC«, Atari Corporation
$445031 »DP1«, Dreampark Development, apparently an American
  manufacturer of HD add-ons
$4D6163 »Mac«, MagiC Mac or MagiC Mac X
$4D494C »MIL«, MilanTOS

This assignment does not apply on the Hades. Here the int32_t value contains »hade«. Cookie, _FLK

File locking

The cookie is set if the installed GEMDOS has provisions for file locking extensions. The value of the cookie is the version number of the extension. Cookie, _FPU

Type of the FPU

The upper WORD describes the type of the FPU in use:

Bit 0: SFP-004 or compatible FPU-card (68881 as a peripheral component), if set.
Bit 1..2: 68881 or 68882 as co-processor. This can be:

0 = Neither/nor
1 = Exact type unknown
2 = 68881
3 = 68882
Bit 3: FPU in MC-68040
Bit 4: FPU in MC-68060

The lower WORD is reserved for information about software support via the Line-F trap, and is at present not yet in use. According to Atari, a non-zero value indicates that Line-F support is present. Cookie, _FRB

Fast-RAM buffer

The cookie points to a 64 kbyte size buffer in ST-RAM that can be used by an Atari TT for ACSI-DMA transfers (the Fast-RAM of the TT can not be used for this).

Device drivers for the ACSI port may use this buffer as temporary storage for transfers into the Fast-RAM; access is coordinated via the system variable flock.

If this cookie is not present, then the computer either has no Fast-RAM, or no ACSI port. Cookie, ΣFSC

Falcon Screen Cookie, _FSR

FLCNSER 1.0 - Patch program for an error in the TOS routines for the serial ports (required for TOS 4.00...TOS 4.04) Cookie, _IDT

Formating of date and time

The cookie provides information about the formatting of date and time within the system. The bits 0-7 contain the ASCII value of the character that is to serve as a separator for the date; if 0, then "/" will be used.

The bits 8-11 describe the formatting of the date. This can be:

0 = Format "MM-DD-YY"  (month, day, year)
1 = Format "DD-MM-YY"  (day, month, year)
2 = Format "YY-MM-DD"  (year, month, day)
3 = Format "YY-DD-MM"  (year, day, month)

In the bits 12-15 the time format is coded. This can be:

0 = 12-hour display
1 = 24-hour display

The upper WORD is reserved for future use. Cookie, _INF

STEFIX patch programm

The cookie is created by the patch programm STEFIX, which remedies some errors in the TOS 1.06 desktop. In the modified version with XBRA by Karsten Isakovic. Cookie, _INU

Format for numbers Cookie, _ISO

Specifies the real keyboard/font nationality

0 = default/undefined 1 = ISO-8859-1 (Latin-1) Western European
2 = ISO-8859-2 (Latin-2) Central European
3 = ISO-8859-3 (Latin-3) Southern European
x = ISO-8859-x Cookie, _JPD

JPEG Decoder with DSP support

The cookie indicates the availability of a JPEG decoder from the firms Brainstorm/Atari, which makes use of the potentialities of the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the Falcon030. Cookie, _MCF

ColdFire features

typedef struct {
  int8_t magic[3];           /* Magic number 0x4d4346 (MCF), identifies this struct */
  uint8_t  version;          /* This struct version                                 */
  int8_t   device_name[16];  /* Device identification number, null terminated       */
  int8_t   core;             /* ColdFire core version number                        */
  int8_t   revision;         /* Processor revision number                           */
  uint32_t units;            /* Bit mask. b0: MAC, b1: DIV, b2: EMAC, b3: FPU, b4: MMU */
  int8_t   isa;              /* Instruction-Set Architecture (ISA) revision level   */
  int8_t   debug;            /* Debug module revision                               */
  int16_t  sysbus_frequency; /* System bus frequency in Mhz                         */

Values defined taken from ColdFire Family Programmer's Reference Manual (CFPRM). Section 1.10 Hardware Configuration Information.

device_name Is the "device identification number" as specified in the different families reference manuals, in sections describing the registers SDID, CIR, DEVICEID or JTAGID (depending on the CF family). For example: MCF5474, MCF5485, MCF54455, etc ...
core ColdFire core version

unknown -1
MCF_V1 1
MCF_V2 2
MCF_V3 3
MCF_V4 4
MCF_V5 5
units Bit mask for units, set when present

unknown 0
isa Instruction-Set Architecture (ISA) revision level

unknown -1
debug Debug module revision number

unknown -1

Machine type

The upper WORD describes the computer family, the lower serves for finer distinctions.

High Low Type
0x0000 0x0000 Atari ST (260 ST,520 ST,1040 ST,Mega ST,...)
0x0000 0x4D34 Medusa T40 without SCSI
0x0001 0x0000 Atari STE (1040 STE, ST Book, STylus/STPad)
0x0001 0x0010 Mega STE
0x0001 0x0100 Sparrow (Falcon pre-production machine)
0x0002 0x0000 Atari TT or Hades
0x0002 0x4D34 Medusa T40 with SCSI
0x0003 0x0000 Atari-Falcon030
0x0004 0x0000 Milan
0x0005 0x0000 ARAnyM >=v0.8.5beta

The lower WORD serves for finer distinctions, and is defined only for the STE models at present. This can be:

0x001 = ST Book or STylus
0x002 = ST Book
0x003 = STylus
0x008 = STE with IDE hardware

If the value is -1, then it's a case of non-ST-compatible hardware. In that case all hardware accesses should be avoided. Cookie, _MET


The cookie is only present when the operating system extension MetaDOS (since Version 2.2) is installed. Cookie, _MIL

Milan computer Cookie, _NET

Network extensions for GEMDOS

The cookie serves as a flag for possible network extensions. The value is a pointer to two LONG values. The first contains a provider identifier for the network, the second the version number allocated by the manufacturer.

struct netinfo
  int32_t publisher_id;      /* Special code for publisher to assigned */
                             /* by ATARI (USA)                         */
                             /* Usually a four-byte ASCII string       */
  int32_t version;           /* Version number of the network          */

As a provider-ID, there are till now:

Application Design Software "A&D\0"
Pams Software "PAMS"
Itos Software "ITOS" Cookie, _OOL

POOLFIX3 patch program

The cookie is created by the patch program POOLFIX3, which remedies some errors in GEMDOS Version 0.15. Cookie, _PCI


Makes available functions for configuration and initialization of PCI-cards via a jump table (for all ATARI-compatibles with PCI-bus).

Vectors: No modified vectors.

Copyright: Freeware

See also: PCI-BIOS   Cookie XPCI Cookie, _PKT

Packet Driver Cookie, _PWR

Power management unit Cookie, _SLM

Diablo driver for SLM laser printer

The cookie is set by the Diablo driver (since version 1.4) of the SLM laser printer. The value of the cookie points to an undocumented structure. Cookie, _SND

Sound hardware

Bit table that describes the available sound options. These are:

Bit 0 = Sound chip
Bit 1 = Stereo DMA sound (as with STE and TT)
Bit 2 = CODEC
Bit 3 = Digital signal processor (DSP)
Bit 4 = Multiplexer connection matrix
Bit 5 = Extended XBIOS routines (Milan, GSXB)

All other bits are reserved for future purposes.

The MilanBlaster XBIOS sets the bits No. 2 and No. 5 (0x00000024l). Cookie, _SWI

DIP configuration switches

The upper 24 bits are not assigned at present. For the lower 8 bits the following applies:

Bit 6 = 720 kbyte or 1.44 Mbyte floppy disk drive
Bit 7 = Stereo or mono system

The remaning lower 8 bits are also not assigned at present. Cookie, _T2W

TOS2WIN emulator Cookie, _T30


USB core API driver Cookie, _VDI

Milan VDI

typedef struct
   int16_t Version;   /* versionnumber (0x100 for 1.00) */
   int32_t Subcookie;
   int32_t Driverflags;
   int32_t Dispatcheraddress;
} _VDI_Structure;
Driverflags Bitnumber

Dispatcher Function:

DRIVER_ACCEL 1 Graphic accelerator
DRIVER_DEVICE 2 graphic device routines

Graphic accelerator Function:

DRAW_SOLIDRECT $00010000 Füllt einen Rechteckbereich mit einer Farbe
DRAW_PATTERNRECT $00020000 Füllt einen Rechteckbereich mit einem monochromen Pattern
DRAW_BITBLT $00070000  
DRAW_TBITBLT $00080000  
DRAW_QUICKTXT $00100000  
DRAW_QUICKBIOS $00110000  

Call: a0 = solidrectdata, a1: Structur from LineA

Call: a0 = patternrectdata, a1: Structur from LineA

Graphic device routines:


BIOS/XBIOS Funktionen

BIOS_PHYSBASE $00010000 Returns physical screen address Cookie, _VDO

Video hardware

The upper WORD is used the coarse classification. This can be:

-1 = Non-ST-compatible hardware; in this case all hardware accesses must be avoided
 0 = Atari ST (260 ST, 520 ST, 1040 ST, Mega ST, ...)
 1 = Atari STE (1040 STE, Mega STE, ST Book)
 2 = Atari TT
 3 = Atari Falcon030
 4 = Milan

The lower WORD is reserved for finer differences. Cookie, __NF

Native features proposal

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