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 What is SpareMiNT?

SpareMiNT is FreeMiNT based on the Redhat Package Manager (rpm). FreeMiNT is a multitasking, multi-user, Un*x like operating system for the Atari 680x0 Computers Based on the MultiTOS/MiNT sources from Atari Computer Corp.
 What is MiNT?

Back in 1990 a Canadian programmer named Eric Smith had released the first version of a program called MiNT, which was a recursive acronym for "MiNT Is Not TOS". Eric had been working on a GNU C library for the ST, and porting GNU software. It soon turned out that porting software originally written for Unix to TOS was difficult since TOS lacked many of the features of Unix. It then occured to him that it might be easier to add the missing features to TOS rather than patching any Unix program that he wanted to port, and so MiNT was born.

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