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If you have enough space on your ftp server we would be glad to have you mirror this site; please contact the maintainers for the details. Detailed instructions how to setup popular mirroring software to mirror Sparemint can also be found here (this link is also of interest for you if you want to automatically update your Sparemint installation).

Export Limitations

There are countries that consider it a good idea to prevent their citizens from protecting their privacy and forbid or restrict the usage of modern cryptographic software. Note that this site contains such crypto software. It is your responsibility to decide whether or not you want to follow your government's laws.

Other countries, notably the United States and Canada restrict the exportation of cryptographic software into other countries. If you happen to live in such a country we kindly ask you not to mirror this site. This avoids all legal hassle and we prefer to develop and distribute software instead of splitting up archives into US- and Non-US versions.

If you don't care and mirror this site in the United States or Canada please note that this is at your own responsibility and risk. The Sparemint maintainers have warned you and neglect any liability.